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figment of (one's)/the imagination

An experience that initially is thought to be real but is actually imagined. I thought I heard the sound of my front door opening last night but it turned out to be a figment of my imagination.
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be a figment of (one's/the) imagination

To be an imagined experience (especially after one has initially thought it to be real). I thought I heard the sound of my front door opening last night but it turned out to be a figment of my imagination.
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figment of one's imagination

Something made up, invented, or fabricated, as in "The long dishevelled hair, the swelled black face, the exaggerated stature were figments of imagination" (Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre, 1847). This term is redundant, since figment means "product of the imagination." [Early 1800s]
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a figment of somebody’s imagiˈnation

something which somebody only imagines: Doctor, are you suggesting the pain is a figment of my imagination?
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Both were well seen off by Figment at Gosforth Park, and she looks to have an easier task than her stablemate in the first division.
FIGMENT is a free participatory arts event held in multiple cities and attracting tens of thousands of participants each year.
These poems give us memorable, highly original figments from the imagination of one of our most original, talented young poets.
Their special blip was no figment of their imagination.
The only other recent writer of nonfiction to get this much attention from the Times was Katie Roiphe for The Morning After which, as you may recall, asserted that date rape is a figment of feminists' imaginations.
For any sequence that depends on the value of n, experience shows that sometimes a pattern persists but frustratingly often the pattern is simply a figment of the smallness of the values of n for which the example has been worked out.
Co-founded and led by Jacob Lewis, Figment is a digital writing community and a forum for young writers and readers to share and comment on each other's creativity, about which presenter Ulin said, "Figment's success reaffirms what readers everywhere have always known: that literature and reading aren't going anywhere.
Ruby is blissfully unaware that she was once a figment of Calvin's feverish imagination and as romantic bonds strengthen between the couple, Harry's initial enthusiasm mellows into concern.
The story of the correspondent is therefore a figment of imagination, spokesman added.
In Ferguson-esque fashion, Dalglish touchily responded that the pressure was a figment of the interviewer's imagination, despite the question having been of the very same ilk Cates had put to Dalglish's arch-rival the previous month.
His fuel stabiliser is a figment of an over-active imagination.
MORTON chief Douglas Rae last night hit back at Davie Irons' claims he's been the victim of betrayal - and insisted they're just a figment of a bitter man's imagination.
It is all a figment of the imagination of teacher Jonty Haywood, who went to school in the county.
The Welsh people have been thrown a bone garnished with the figment of self-determination to keep us quiet.
creative: Figment Theatre's Michael Addison and Jenny Goodman FIGMENT Theatre is a theatre company with a difference.