fight with (someone or something)

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fight with (someone or something)

1. To use something as a weapon while fighting someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "fight" and "with." Those guys fight dirty—they'll fight with bike chains, knives, anything they can get their hands on. I can't believe he fought you with his bare hands and gave you such a nasty black eye.
2. To fight with someone or an animal for possession of someone or something. Look, my two friends are fighting over you, so if you don't like either of them, say something now and spare us the drama. I think some dogs are out there fighting with each other over scraps.
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fight someone or something with something

to attack or battle someone or something with something. We can't fight the enemy with clubs and pitchforks! I fought him with my bare fists.
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fight with (someone or some creature) (over someone or something)

to fight with someone or an animal over who gets or keeps someone or something. The terrier fought with the collie over the piece of meat. I don't want to fight you over Harry.
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References in classic literature ?
There were no more animals with which to fight--at least, there was none considered worthy of fighting with him.
I have put in this chapter on fighting of malice prepense, partly because I want to give you a true picture of what everyday school life was in my time, and not a kid-glove and go-to- meeting-coat picture, and partly because of the cant and twaddle that's talked of boxing and fighting with fists nowadays.
Fighting with fists is the natural and English way for English boys to settle their quarrels.
The war is no longer one between Trojans and Achaeans, for the Danaans have now taken to fighting with the immortals."
"Mayweather's been in some tough fights and he's proven he can handle the pressure so you can't bet against Mayweather but you just know he's gonna be tested in a way he's never been tested before fighting with a Pacquiao."
Pinned down and surrounded by an enemy that outnumbered and outgunned them, and who were fighting with a ferocity that no one had predicted, the young infantrymen responded to the chaos and confusion with a courage that surprised even their NCOs." Thanks in part to Naylor's on-the-spot reporting, these soldiers' exploits will not be forgotten.
Knowledge of sword fighting was essential but insufficient; fighting with pikes, axes, daggers, and bare hands had also to be mastered, the latter two as components of sword fighting, and the techniques of fighting on horseback remained relevant despite the increasing prevalence of infantry warfare.
According to the arresting officer, Callaghan was fighting with another man in the centre of a ring formed by scuttlers armed with belts and knives.
It's in fighting with someone we ultimately love and respect that we learn to take certain emotional risks with others: confronting someone else's negative behavior instead of "swallowing" it and then gossiping about it; having the fortitude to admit when you're wrong; being truly satisfied with "agreeing to disagree."