fight with (someone or something)

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fight with (someone or something)

1. To use something as a weapon while fighting someone or something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "fight" and "with." Those guys fight dirty—they'll fight with bike chains, knives, anything they can get their hands on. I can't believe he fought you with his bare hands and gave you such a nasty black eye.
2. To fight with someone or an animal for possession of someone or something. Look, my two friends are fighting over you, so if you don't like either of them, say something now and spare us the drama. I think some dogs are out there fighting with each other over scraps.
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fight someone or something with something

to attack or battle someone or something with something. We can't fight the enemy with clubs and pitchforks! I fought him with my bare fists.
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fight with (someone or some creature) (over someone or something)

to fight with someone or an animal over who gets or keeps someone or something. The terrier fought with the collie over the piece of meat. I don't want to fight you over Harry.
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"He's never been in a fight with somebody like the Senator (Pacquiao) but you don't take Pacquiao's opponents for granted," said Gibbons, who also represents some top Filipino fighters, including world champion Jerwin Ancajas.
"It is now known to everybody that they (attackers) were not connected to anyone, it is her personal fight with somebody. Those people have attacked and they have admitted that they have attacked so protection was given," he explained.
I mean, if I get into a fight with somebody and two months go by, if they see me out in public, shoot at me and miss and kill somebody else, are we engaged in mutual combat?"
He had some sort of fight with somebody at the site and nobody has seen him since.
I always admired that when George picked a fight with somebody publicly, it was always someone more powerful than him.
"No-one in their right mind would jump into the back of a patrol car to have a fight with somebody. It's ludicrous."
"So, in their view, if you add one more worker to the population of a city, it just means that that guy will have to fight with somebody else for an existing job.
At the moment, however, certain individuals seem determined to pick a fight with somebody, and it seems to matter little who.
"Imagine being in a fight with somebody and the only thing you can do is box them - and if his hands are superior to yours you're dead meat.
ONE of the first principles of conflict is: "Never pick a fight with somebody who has nothing to lose."