fight through

fight (one's way) through

1. To force one's way through (a crowd or crowded place). The party was so packed with people that I had to fight through just to get to the bathroom! We had to fight our way through the crowd to board the train on time.
2. To struggle to overcome or succeed despite (some obstacle, difficulty, or impasse). The team has been fighting through a number of injuries among its star players. I have to find a way to fight my way through this creative slump. The regime is increasing its pressure on our resistance. We all need to band together and fight through.
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fight (something) through

To force the passage or acceptance of something, especially legislation, by an authoritative body such haste and pressure that the normal careful considerations of its implications are avoided. Riding a strong wave of pro-nationalist sentiment, the senator was able to fight a bill through congress that would criminalize public criticism of the government. After the scandal, the board of directors of the giant corporation fought a policy change through that would curtail the rights of employees around the country.
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fight something through (something)

to force something through some sort of procedure or process; to railroad something through (something). The governor fought the bill through the legislature successfully. She fought through the bill successfully.
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