fight hammer and tongs

fight (someone or something) hammer and tongs

To combat someone or something with tremendous fervor, determination, energy, or forcefulness. An allusion to the force with which a blacksmith strikes metal using a hammer and tongs. What started as a minor disagreement has escalated into a heated argument, and the two have been fighting each other hammer and tongs ever since.
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fight someone or something hammer and tongs

 and fight someone or something tooth and nail; go at it hammer and tongs; go at it tooth and nail
Fig. to fight against someone or something energetically and with great determination. They fought against the robber tooth and nail. The dogs were fighting each other hammer and tongs.
See also: and, fight, hammer, tongs
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"We will fight hammer and tongs with the conference next week and hopefully continue to play football, which is all we have ever wanted to do."