fight for life

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fight for (one's) life

To actively try to stay alive, as of one who is sick, injured, or being attacked. She's been fighting for her life for days—she really needs an organ transplant.
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ˌfight for (your) ˈlife

make a great effort to stay alive, especially when you are badly injured or seriously ill: A young cyclist is fighting for his life after the accident.
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You may judge what a fight for life it was; I did not kill him outright, but I wounded him dangerously.
Wellington, Dec 3 ( ANI ): Former international cricketers Simon Doull and Chris Cairns are contemplating taking on each other in the boxing ring in the Fight for Life event in Auckland on December 14.
Yet there are others who lose the fight for life, leaving families totally devastated.
Summary: Essex house fire claims sixth victim as doctor's daughter, 3, loses fight for life.
Heather Kennedy lost her fight for life after being rushed to hospital with head injuries following a fall at her family's rented first-floor flat in Tenerife.
HUGH GAITSKELL, the Labour Party leader, died at the Middlesex Hospital last night after a "tremendous fight for life." Only his wife was with him in his private ward, and she called a doctor, but it was too late.
Medics were called and Rikki put up a three-day fight for life but the youngster died in hospital.
Medics were called and Rikki put up a three-day fight for life but a spokesman for Northumbria Police yesterday confirmed that the young man had died in hospital.
All five were taken to the town's Royal Alexandra Hospital where the elderly woman lost her fight for life at 8pm.
Sextuplet baby loses fight for life ONE of the sextuplets born at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford lost his fight for life yesterday.
A TEENAGER has lost his fight for life after an incident at a night club.
Craig was also stabbed and injured, but yesterday appeared to be winning his fight for life.
A baby girl who was born after both her parents were killed in a car crash has lost her brief fight for life.
William McEvoy died at the Royal Liverpool hospital after a two-week fight for life. The 69-year-old, who lived alone, had been to a friend's funeral when he was hit by a white Vauxhall Vectra while crossing Park Road near its junction with High Park Street, Toxteth, at 9.50pm on April 14.
TO mark Taneea's amazing fight for life, she has been chosen as a Sunday Mercury Wonderkid.