fight for

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fight for someone or something

to go to battle for the benefit of someone or something; to go to battle in the name of someone or something. They all went off to fight for their country. The soldiers fought for the queen and the survival of the empire. I guess I will have to learn to fight for my rights.
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But it is not fair to make Sam fight him now when he earned the right to fight for the title first.
That's twice in 13 months Navarro has gone to Japan to fight for the same belt - and lost.
Morales and Pacquiao will fight for the World Boxing Council International super featherweight championship.
This is a much bigger fight for Diaz, as Castillo is considered to be among the top two lightweights in the world - Corrales is the other.
Hopkins stopped Trinidad in the 12th round in September 2001 in a fight for the WBC, WBA and International Boxing Federation middleweight belts.
Their fight for the vacant WBO belt was expected to be hotly contested.
Even though I have not been in a fight for so long, I think I'm in the top 10; I think I'm still one of the best in the world.
De La Hoya said he might fight for two or three more years.
This is a very important fight for me,'' Viloria said.
It might not heal completely for nine months or more, which means he might not fight for a year.
Norton's people said he'd do the rematch but he wanted $50,000 up front in the event Ali couldn't fight for whatever reason.