fight down

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fight down

1. To be victorious over someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fight" and "down." A bunch of teams threatened to unseat us from the top of the division, but we managed to fight them down. Marcy has been fighting down depression her whole life.
2. To successfully resist showing an emotion. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fight" and "down." Oh, I was furious, but I somehow managed to fight down my anger. I wanted to cry but fought my tears down—that is, until I got to my car.
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fight someone or something down

to fight against and defeat someone or something. We fought the opposition down and got our bill through the committee. We had to fight down Fred, who wanted something entirely different.
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fight something down

1. to struggle to hold something back; to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by something. She fought her anger down and managed to stay calm. She fought down the urge.
2. to struggle to swallow something; to fight to get something down one's throat. It tasted terrible, but I managed to fight it down. She fought down the nasty-tasting medicine.
See also: down, fight
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I know people will say it is over for us, but we will fight down to the wire and hopefully that will be enough to keep us in the league.
Our job is to get it fight down the middle," says ABC News prexy David Westin.
Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Johnny Tapia all turned this fight down - Augie stepped up to the plate and I really admire him for that, but he's going to get a beating.
SHINTY: Skye have taken the relegation fight down to the final day of the Marine Harvest Premiership after winning 3-1 against Fort William.
You have to fight down in Westminster and Whitehall with these guys, everybody else.
After all, he is preparing for a much bigger fight down the road.
He never once turned a fight down, always came to have a go, and I count his career as one of my finest achievements.
If I was champion then I'd want the fight down here either in Liverpool or Southport.
WIGAN will have faith they can take the fight down to the final game even if they don't make any major signing .
THEN there's trainer Chip Woolley - he of the crutches, black cowboy hat and dodgy moustache - who got involved with the owner after a bar fight down New Mexico way.
But then they started arguing, went outside and had a fight down an alley, Flintshire magistrates were told.
Warren, who marks 25 years as a promoter at a reception tomorrow, said: "Kevin Mitchell is a big fight down the road.
First, he started off by saying the band have been waiting a long time to play this set, then he stopped a song to try to break up a fight down the front.