fight back

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fight back (at someone or something)

to defend oneself against someone or something; to retaliate against someone or something. You are going to have to fight back at them. You can't expect us to defend you. It's hard for me to fight back against three of them by myself.
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Fight Back is being made by Goliath Productions, and filming begins in January.
However, the new survey, published in Cosmopolitan magazine, said victims who resisted but couldn't get away generally suffered no more serious injuries than those who didn't fight back.
Boro hosted the previously unbeated side last Saturday and found themselves 2-0 down inside the first 15 minutes, but they began to fight back and Cataland star Maiol Giralt reduced the deficit shortly before half-time.
I am a Brit who has lived in Cyprus for seven years, an island that I love and if there's anything I have learnt, it is that the Cypriot people are good honest people who will rally round together and fight back in any adversity.
Those who don't fight back are considered weak and open to getting extorted and punked (raped).
With the CPRE mounting a "stop the drop" campaign, Mr Bryson said: "it's time to fight back and reclaim that lovely land sunk beneath all these drifting carrier bags and empty crisp packets.
The character to fight back once they equalised was strong and we fought to the end.
DARTS World No1 Phil Taylor has issued a stark warning to his rivals ahead of the PDC World Darts Championship by declaring: "I've got the fight back in me".
PAKISTAN cricket coach Bob Woolmer was poisoned before being strangled, apparently rendering him unable to fight back, a BBC 1 programme says tonight.
But as long as they keep having to fight back like that, they're also going to lose a lot of them.
However, instead of targeting a compliant victim, Kensler had inadvertently chosen a victim who was willing to fight back and who had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.
We need to resist, to fight back, to take control of the direction our lives go.
I've also seen guys who don't fight back and seen what happens to them.
It is not Catholic-bashing to fight back when this Polish citizen who heads a Roman church swings his weight in the White House, as he did during the Reagan and Bush administrations; or when he and the American hierarchy grab public tax money and demand more for religious schools; or when they back legislation which imposes purely Catholic standards on all.
The Garden of Hope is one way Intergraph works to fight back against cancer.