fight back

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fight back (at someone or something)

to defend oneself against someone or something; to retaliate against someone or something. You are going to have to fight back at them. You can't expect us to defend you. It's hard for me to fight back against three of them by myself.
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1 -- 2 -- color) When you've got aphids and whiteflies on your flowers, above, fight back with a box of ladybugs, says Richard Blaisdell of Sperling Nursery in Calabasas, demonstrating how to apply them at left.
The same way they tried, briefly and ineffectually, to fight back after falling six runs behind the Giants on the warmest - yet the bitterest - of three nights in San Francisco.
The service now offers improved fraud protection and a Block Fraud button enabling people to fight back against malicious phishing attacks and stop fraud in the same way they have been working together for over six years to stop unwanted email.
Fight Back members plan to make their point at a joint parents' meeting tonight to gather feedback from the community.
The hard part, though, "has been maintaining the energy to not only keep things going but also fight back against the antiqueer mentality of the student body.
To preserve the reputations of our insured doctors and to discourage meritless claims, we are going to fight back every time.
Coulby were now on the fight back with the goal providing them with renewed confidence.
Vargas, recalling how one of the miscreants "was looking right down the barrel of the rifle," told the Hayward Daily Review for December 22nd: "If we don't fight back, we are encouraging crime.
The Alliance and its sister group, the Advisory Council of the Sierra Madre, have helped train the Tarahumara to fight back in Mexican courts.
When life proves to be daunting, we can give up or we can fight back.
He continued: "I feel strong, I feel fine, and I feel good, and I am feeling that I want to fight back next season, because I am not happy with what has happened this season.
The recent deaths of two figures in the gay civil rights movement are a striking reminder of how much time has passed since the hot night in June 1969 when police raided the Stonewall Inn and the patrons decided to fight back.
Although this case is similar to what Los Angeles County has experienced, Redlands citizens will be voting to fight back against the ACLU and restore their historic seal.
I think I could have done better, but I was working a lot on my defense, slipping and sliding,'' said Mosley, a former three-time world champion who was in his first fight back at welterweight.
I realized that if we did not fight back, the rich people would just roll over the poor people - like they have for a thousand years.