fight against

fight against (someone or something)

To struggle or contend with someone or something. I fought against the bindings, but it was no use—I was trapped. Wow, I can't believe you fought against the biggest guy on their team!
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fight against someone or something

to battle against someone or something. The general refused to fight against the enemy, which was much stronger. He fought against the disease to the very end.
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References in classic literature ?
But they never cease, for a single instant, to instil into the working class the clearest possible recognition of the hostile antagonism between bourgeoisie and proletariat, in order that the German workers may straightaway use, as so many weapons against the bourgeoisie, the social and political conditions that the bourgeoisie must necessarily introduce along with its supremacy, and in order that, after the fall of the reactionary classes in Germany, the fight against the bourgeoisie itself may immediately begin.
It is part of the general irony of things that in life's crises a man's good qualities are often the ones that help him least, if indeed they do not actually turn treacherously and fight against him.
Then I had simply to fight against their persistent fingers for my levers, and at the same time feel for the studs over which these fitted.
You are asked for swords, but they are to fight against Monk.
together by the Waters of Merom, to fight against Israel.
One gets large impressions in boyhood, sometimes, which he has to fight against all his life.
And suppose that, before engaging, our citizens send an embassy to one of the two cities, telling them what is the truth: Silver and gold we neither have nor are permitted to have, but you may; do you therefore come and help us in war, of and take the spoils of the other city: Who, on hearing these words, would choose to fight against lean wiry dogs, rather th than, with the dogs on their side, against fat and tender sheep?
In this drinking nothing more remarkable happened than the behaviour of Partridge, who, when the serjeant drank a health to King George, repeated only the word King; nor could he be brought to utter more; for though he was going to fight against his own cause, yet he could not be prevailed upon to drink against it.
The new Anti-Corruption Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period 2020 to 2024 will identify enhanced measures of active repression and prevention necessary to detect corruption offenses and to include the entire social communities in the fight against corruption.
PRESIDENTIAL Advisory Committee against corruption has said that fight against corruption will be more effective when it trickles down from top to bottom.
I am dedicating my fight against KeithFThurmanJr to my friend and to ALS awareness.
Al-Maliki stressed the need for the regulatory bodies to take their role fully and support by all to succeed in its mission to fight corruption and cleanse the departments of the state from corrupt, praising at the same time the great efforts of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior and his office in the fight against corrupt.
Summary: New Delhi (India), June 27 (ANI): Congress leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury on Thursday put a question mark on West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee's "seriousness" in the fight against the ruling BJP.
Tweah has disclosed here that government has agreed to establish corruption court in the country to help in the fight against corruption.