fight about

fight about (someone or something)

To argue or disagree about something. The person that one is fighting with can be named between "fight" and "about." Those two disagree so much that I can never keep track of what they're fighting about. I'm trying to eavesdrop—I think they're fighting about who left their dishes on the counter. I'm sick of fighting you about your boyfriend—you know how I feel about him.
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fight (with) someone or something about (someone or something)

to do battle or argue with someone or something about someone or something. Let's not fight with each other about this simple matter. I don't want to fight with you about this!
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fight about someone or something

to have a battle or argue about someone or something. Why do we always have to fight about money? Let's not fight about Ed.
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References in classic literature ?
"But what are you going to fight about, Athos?" asked Aramis.
"I want to fight about one or two more fights after this and then retire and go out on top," Calzaghe said.
But the fight about math education, as dissected in "Math Wars: Old vs.