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2 tons per hectare.The third edition of the Aghbal Fig Festival ran from August 23 to 25.
Fresh figs are a delight to eat "as is," on their own.
* Chop fresh figs and toss into cooking oatmeal or other hot cereal and in cooking grains.
The FIG Education division has been offering educational classes in the specialty practices of Nurse Life Care Planning, Life Care Planning, Physician Life Care Planning, Medical Cost Projections, and Medicare Set-Aside for certification, re-certification, and continuing education since 2008.
To learn more about FIG Services and FIG Education, please visit:
'Dried figs contain many vitamins and help lower cholesterol level and control blood sugar level.
Botanist Prof Khalid Khan said figs with botanical name 'Focus Palmata' from family moraceae were grown mostly in orchards in the subtropical regions in Afghanistan, which were bigger and tastier than the Pakistani ones.
Cook for a further minute then serve along with the figs, syrup and some natural yoghurt.
Peel off from the inside creating a bag for both gloves (Fig. 9).
'What is interesting about planting fig is that, it does not require a large area and take long to yield fruits.
'We enjoying dry fruits specially my family like to eat Figs while doing different activities on weekends and during long winter vacation when all my cousins and relatives come to enjoy winter vacation here with us,' Saqib Danish said.
Caption: Fig. S13: Lasiurus blossevillii (UFPB9755).
En el arbol de consenso estricto obtenido con el metodo de Wagner (Fig. 1), Augochloropsis s.
TREAT: The lovely moist cake uses both dried and fresh figs for a delicious autumn treat.