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something fierce

to a great and almost overwhelming extent; intensely or furiously. North American informal
1986 Monica Hughes Blaine's Way Maud had trapped my right arm against the chair and it was getting pins and needles something fierce.
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something ˈfierce

(American English, spoken) very much; more than usual: I sure do miss you something fierce!
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mod. really good. This is some fierce coffee!
References in classic literature ?
The whole vehicle for a moment shook and stopped; but immediately after, passing over something round and elastic, which seemed to be the body of a prostrate man set off again amidst a volley of the fiercest oaths.
Even the fiercest hunting animals we so bedevilled that they learned to leave our places alone.
At the time he raided the steamship companies, they had yapped at him and worried him, the whole pack of them, only to have him whirl around and whip them in the fiercest pitched battle San Francisco had ever known.
When Bradley expressed surprise at the absence of the fiercest beasts that are so numerous upon the mainland of Caprona, the girl explained the reason that is contained in one of their ancient legends.
At any moment, in his fiercest onslaughts, his opponent was liable to lash out and reach him.
Sometimes his face had been quite boyish; other times, when taking his fiercest punishment, it had been bleak and gray; and still later, when living through and clutching and holding on, it had taken on a wistful expression.
She had never felt--in the time of his fiercest anger and his foulest language--the unutterable horror of him that she felt now.
The UNRWA camp in Jenin -- the village where some of the fiercest fighting took place during the recent Israeli military operation in the West Bank -- reportedly housed about half of the terrorists who carried out suicide bombings over the past 19 months.
The United States scorched Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Tuesday night, killing at least seven people in what the Taliban characterized as one of the fiercest attacks so far, Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) reported Wednesday.
Confirming my remarks, the article notes that "perhaps the fiercest defenders of their own language have been the French.
They have shown dedication and support for interoperable standards based switches and have proven that even the fiercest competitors can come together to resolve industry concerns over switch interoperability.
The fiercest and most successful hunter in these parts, heir to a tradition that stretches back many centuries, does not use a rifle or a bow and arrow.
When Ann Rignall and Joy Weeks wrote The other 3 Rs, a resource for teaching values in secondary schools (see FAC July/August 1992), they had no inkling that its fiercest champions would come from the world of business.
Story number two involves yet another major OEM casting user, this time one of the earliest and fiercest proponents of the corporate commodity team concept.
Even some of the fiercest freshmen reformers have shown they see nothing wrong with bashing Beltway elites, demanding fiscal responsibility, and delivering pork to their constituents.