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You can test for proper fielding position by putting the infielder in fielding position and having him allow his cap to fall off his head.
When holding a runner on base, the left-handed first baseman should come off the bag after a pitch by crossing his left foot over into his ready fielding position.
The right-handed first baseman should jab-step into his ready fielding position with his left foot.
Capitalizing on this trend, Fielding -- a premier provider of graduate education for mid-career professionals -- has established a leading role in the design and implementation of learning solutions for corporations, government entities and nonprofit organizations.
Those competencies, combined with our expertise in e-learning, make Fielding well suited to fill this need," says Christi A.
Fielding is a primary architect of the modern World Wide Web infrastructure.
We are very pleased to attract a board member of such distinction as Roy Fielding," said Mike Dewey, eBuilt's chief executive officer.