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The entire development and initial operational capability process from concept to fielding took about 49 days.
The development and fielding cost to the government for the RIFF kit was zero, and the time for provision to the warfighter was just a matter of days.
Most important, like commercial vendors, time to market must drive fielding at all levels.
The issue of reducing the time to market for fielding baseline systems is different, but is related to spiral development and the associate incremental upgrades.
The DVE fielding to the 82nd Airborne Division was the first to U.S.
Additionally, the event allowed managers, engineers, and technicians from multiple organizations to network together, paving the way for future teamwork, coordination, and problem solving for upcoming LRAS3 fieldings on up-armored vehicles.
The system will allow rapid in-flight mission planning or changes and bring a low-cost, lightweight, portable digital flight management system to our non-digitized aircraft until the fielding of future, more capable platforms.
On a ball hit right at them without too much force, they must charge the ball and break down into fielding position roughly 12 to 15 feet from the ball, depending upon how hard it has been hit.