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fidget about

To compulsively move around in a nervous or restless manner. Mary, stop fidgeting about like that and sit still! My mother always fidgets about the house when we have company.
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fidget spinner

A small propeller-shaped toy designed to be spun atop one's fingertip. Ostensibly a device to help people with attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder increase their focus, the fidget spinner became popular with schoolchildren and those who use it to try to ease anxiety or restlessness. Ever since I got my son a fidget spinner, he's had an easier time paying attention in class, but the school is considering banning them as a distraction.
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fidget around

to wiggle and twitch nervously. The child sat there, fidgeting around for over ten minutes. Please don't fidget around so.
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fidget with something

to play with something nervously. Please don't fidget with your zipper. Carl is always fidgeting with his left ear.
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Normal fidgeting was described as continuing small circular movements of the neck, trunk, and limbs in all directions, at moderate speed.
But the real measure of success was her patient's calm -- no ears laid back, no fidgeting, no walking away.
London, Feb 15 ( ANI ): Fidgeting helps men relax during job interviews, as it leads them to find it easier to tackle complex problems, a study has found.
She was no doubt offered the dead man's meal, didn't have to put up with him fidgeting under her bum to find his "lost head-phones" or laughing too loudly at One Foot in the Grave while she tried to sleep.
Gathered around him were the moms and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, nearly all fidgeting in the team's red colors.
The vice, which was used to stop Victorian schoolchildren fidgeting in class, was on loan to the school from Durham Education Authority's historical archive as part of a living history exhibition.
Or, now that daily prayer has been replaced by "meditations" from various belief systems, will they only recall fidgeting through feel-good tidbits from some teacher's self-help book of the month?
Yet after the fidgeting set in, five out of eight infected birds in the migration group yielded bacteria.
The second narrator is a white woman in 1954 (the year of school desegregation) who speaks of the old, gracious, Southern way of life, while seated dancers perform unison hand gestures as if nervously fidgeting at a school dance.
With most of them, you spend a lot of time fidgeting to change the resistance when you want to switch from a leg press to a chest press, for example.
This annual special episode allows the critics to, in Ebert's words, "get revenge against the movies that had us rolling our eyes, fidgeting in our seats and snorting in disbelief all year long.
FIDGETING in job interviews improves the performance of male candidates, but has the opposite effect on women, according to new research.
Canadian academics said that in a short trial on 37 people, the mild current mimicked fidgeting and prevented the sores forming, the BBC reported.
You come to a funeral and see the relatives standing there and the kids are fidgeting, not paying much attention,'' Henry said.
Since metabolism and exercise didn't account for the change, the researchers fingered fidgeting.