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fidget about

To compulsively move around in a nervous or restless manner. Mary, stop fidgeting about like that and sit still! My mother always fidgets about the house when we have company.
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fidget spinner

A small propeller-shaped toy designed to be spun atop one's fingertip. Ostensibly a device to help people with attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder increase their focus, the fidget spinner became popular with schoolchildren and those who use it to try to ease anxiety or restlessness. Ever since I got my son a fidget spinner, he's had an easier time paying attention in class, but the school is considering banning them as a distraction.
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fidget around

to wiggle and twitch nervously. The child sat there, fidgeting around for over ten minutes. Please don't fidget around so.
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fidget with something

to play with something nervously. Please don't fidget with your zipper. Carl is always fidgeting with his left ear.
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In fact, those who fidgeted the most got the most sums right.
In the first passage--which comes before the beginning of the pageant--the audience fidgeted because they felt they were "too close, yet not close enough" (45).
Researchers at the Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock studied 30 females age 13 to 20 who were slated to undergo a colposcopy and found that those allowed to watch MTV during the exam fidgeted less and needed less reassurance than those with no form of entertainment.
EL SEGUNDO - Rick Fox fidgeted with the white tape and stiff padding that encased his right thumb, stared glumly downward and considered another playoff run that might or might not include the best he has to offer to the Lakers' championship hopes.
Although they were the favorites to take the title this year, team members clasped hands, fidgeted and bowed their heads as they waited inside the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza for their high school to be called.
RESEDA - As 5-year-old Ian Hayes fidgeted under a barber's clippers during his back-to-school haircut Monday, his mother, Kim Hayes, fretted about dropping her son off for his first day of school.
As the students they had pushed and nurtured for months sat scribbling inside the arena, the coaches fidgeted in the VIP box of a nearby football stadium, prevented by competition rules from watching most of the testing in person.
Carson Palmer fidgeted on the Coliseum sideline Saturday, waiting for his turn to take over at quarterback for USC.
Tight end Brent Jones peered over his sunglasses and nervously fidgeted as he searched for words.
The boy, holding a stuffed Dalmatian puppy, fidgeted through a juvenile court hearing, a day after prosecutors agreed to reduce charges against him from attempted murder to assault.