fidget with

fidget with something

to play with something nervously. Please don't fidget with your zipper. Carl is always fidgeting with his left ear.
See also: fidget
References in classic literature ?
When Mr Verloc returned to sit in his place, like the very embodiment of silence, the character of Mrs Verloc's stare underwent a subtle change, and Stevie ceased to fidget with his feet, because of his great and awed regard for his sister's husband.
RISK: Fat cats like Fidget with owner Wendy; HEALTH WORRY: Overweight dog
He says stuff like, ``Let's fidget with the digit,'' writes on a manual typewriter and chain-smokes like there's, well, no tomorrow.
He notes that residents with dementia often "interpret the product as the underwear they are familiar with and are thus less likely to fidget with it and far more likely to self-toilet.
Gone are the days when users had to keep taking the phone away from their ears, to check the screen or fidget with the keypad, navigating multi-level menus with multiple choices.
To make the necessary adjustments for the bowls to spin correctly, I had to fidget with the beater head, which was messy and time consuming.