fiddle with (something)

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fiddle with (something)

To play or tinker with something. Hey, don't fiddle with the thermostat—it needs to stay at 68 degrees. Grandpa's still fiddling with that old radio, but I doubt he'll get it to work again.
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fiddle with someone or something

to tinker or play with someone or something. Please don't fiddle with the stereo controls. Leave your brother alone. Don't fiddle with him. He's cranky.
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fiddle with

1. To make unskilled or experimental efforts at repairing or improving something: I fiddled with the broken toaster, but I couldn't fix it.
2. To manipulate something without a clear sense of purpose: Stop fiddling with the remote or you'll break it.
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Two sources are listed in the next subsection, on "North American fiddling with strong ties to Africa.
The subsection on "North American fiddling with strong ties to Mexico and Latin America" is longer, but somewhat confused.
2 : to move the hands or fingers restlessly <She kept fiddling with her ring.
5 : to handle in a harmful or foolish way : tamper <Someone has been fiddling with the lock.
Someone saw him fiddling with it [the backpack] shortly before the explosion occurred," Mauldin continued.
However, if Hinrichs, a 21-year-old engineering student, was fiddling with the bomb, it may not have been out of cockiness.
averting one's gaze from what follows it so doggedly: fiddle's dark shadow, faddle--not a past tense of the verb we have been fiddling with but rather a residue of all that business of strings-- strings bowed and tickled and pinched and plucked-- all that fiddling to which Nero's Rome burned, they said, and to which the high walls of Amphion's Troy rose as its stones took wing, settling down into where they belonged-- the faddle of life's rhythms of decay and reconstruction, once the fiddle's flying and sighing intonations have shaped all that faddle in its final form.
You don't find women watching EastEnders fiddling with the waistband of their skirts to keep their hands busy do you?
I know someone who spent a not-very-happy three hours waiting in casualty after getting one of the little paper bits from a hole punch stuck in his eye after he'd been fiddling with the bottom of the hole punch so much that it flew off, scattering paper everywhere, including his retina.
Many fingers are fiddling with the home thermostat: 39 percent of respondents indicate the thermostat is controlled by multiple members of the home, 34 percent say the female head of the household controls it, and 25 percent say the man is in charge.
This new book is one of the first that attempts to look at American fiddling with a broader perspective.