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fickle fortune(s)

cliché Erratic or unpredictable outcomes. The Ring of Kerry is an absolutely stunning area. Just be ready for the fickle fortune of Irish weather. The fickle fortunes of the stock market brought the prominent investor to the brink of bankruptcy in a matter of days.
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fickle fortune

Capricious fate. The alliteration of this phrase has long appealed to writers, and the idea behind it is even older. The expression appeared in the sixteenth century, in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (3.5)—“O fortune, fortune! all men call thee fickle”—and elsewhere. Benjamin Franklin also used it: “Fortune is as fickle as she’s fair” (Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1749). Laugh-In, a popular television show of the 1960s and 1970s, used a similar expression, the fickle finger of fate, in a mock talent contest (“Who knows when the fickle finger of fate may beckon you to stardom?”), and issued a mock prize to the winner, the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award. According to Eric Partridge, “f——d by the fickle finger of fate” was Canadian armed forces slang in the 1930s for being fouled up in some way, and this probably was the source of the Laugh-In usage. See also wheel of fortune.
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Just tell him your practising fickleness in reverse.
IF TERRY Venables is a bit bruised today by the crescendo of calls for his sacking from Leeds United, how must a successor at one of his old clubs be feeling about the fickleness of football?
In the past 11 days Coulthard has known public success, private celebration, bitter memories and the fickleness of fate that has spared him on the race track and now, in a plane crash.
The fickleness of some red and blue fans is the final straw.
There should be country songs written about its fickleness - `My Achy Breaky Computer', `D.V.D.B.U.S.T...', `That Darn Mobile Only Rings When I Can't Hear It'...
The researchers found such fickleness was absent from women whose menstrual cycle was cancelled out by the contraceptive pill.
Yes, there are some unscrupulous ones out there, usually at the very top of the profession who never have to account for their actions or fickleness and peruse the football world from a penthouse suite in London.
"It is partly fickleness, very hot weather and the end of term," he added.
Dale, 43, revealed the fickleness of celebrity friendships to Frank Skinner on his BBC 1 chat show this week.
But one final thought: we think that even Mr Robson would have to agree with Chris's comments about the fickleness of fans.
This movie touches upon the age-old mystery that is human nature and all the desires, selfishness and fickleness that go with it.
But it just shows the fickleness of football that we're still just five points adrift.
We might not be hard-core fashion victims - recently, I went to a party where everyone looked like a member of The Human League: now, that's selfless style dedication - but every woman in the Western World is affected by fashion's daft fickleness. Whether you take your cue from magazines, or from going out, from your friends, or from pop stars, your taste is subtly affected over the summer months, your kit gnawed at by style moths, until, by autumn, you NEED new clothes.
The fickleness of fans was again evident as the immediate future of Francis was under scrutiny.
We have seen the fickleness of politics in this country where no Prime Minister has completed his term and the last decade alone has seen three different political parties come and go.