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fickle fortune(s)

cliché Erratic or unpredictable outcomes. The Ring of Kerry is an absolutely stunning area. Just be ready for the fickle fortune of Irish weather. The fickle fortunes of the stock market brought the prominent investor to the brink of bankruptcy in a matter of days.
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fickle fortune

Capricious fate. The alliteration of this phrase has long appealed to writers, and the idea behind it is even older. The expression appeared in the sixteenth century, in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (3.5)—“O fortune, fortune! all men call thee fickle”—and elsewhere. Benjamin Franklin also used it: “Fortune is as fickle as she’s fair” (Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1749). Laugh-In, a popular television show of the 1960s and 1970s, used a similar expression, the fickle finger of fate, in a mock talent contest (“Who knows when the fickle finger of fate may beckon you to stardom?”), and issued a mock prize to the winner, the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award. According to Eric Partridge, “f——d by the fickle finger of fate” was Canadian armed forces slang in the 1930s for being fouled up in some way, and this probably was the source of the Laugh-In usage. See also wheel of fortune.
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DM: Fickle Fish has optioned two ghost stories, Lois Duncan's "Down a Dark Hall" and Kendare Blake's "Anna Dressed in Blood." Which will you do next?
Fickle Fortune stuck to her task well after that mistake, which augurs well for her future over hurdles.
Noel Meade, trainer of Fickle Fortune "She's a very smart filly who won easily on her debut at Down Royal.
As Asian populations age, governments must follow and tame fickle trends with policies on education, immigration and technology
Perhaps we are a fickle bunch but I have decided that Coventry City fans, or at least the few that I have chatted with this season, do not have high expectations.
Chronicling the battle against a host of life obstacles from bad grammar, drugs, and crime to paralysis-inducing political correctness, fickle lovers, and domestic violence, Nobody Roots for Goliath is a serious-minded, absorbing novel that reads like a true story because it draws so heavily upon harsh reality.
(With a fair wind and the right CAD kit, you too can be Frank Gehry.) And architecture is also subject to fickle barometers of fashionability and public taste.
Weaknesses: Wallenberg, the fickle sponsorship game
DESPERATE Housewives star Felicity Huffman knows all about the fickle finger of fate.
Carnegie Hall Tower is packed with money management firms, hedge funds, and entertainment and media companies; industries where success can be swift and spectacular, yet fickle. Considered by some as much of an amenity for tenants as the building's soaring views of Central Park, Carnegie Hall Tower's leasing team has often been creative in finding ways to align the trade of space from tenants seeking to downsize to others eager to grow.
While a growing market, it is a fickle one prone to fads.
In Matthew 19:6, Christ tells us: "What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder." In light of this Gospel passage, we can be assured that marriage is hardly a "human construct," or open to some mythical evolution based upon the whims of a fickle society.
One of my Australian friends recently visited the USA and remarked: 'I left Australia's 340 days of sunshine a year for America's fickle weather, stifling pollution and 12 times bigger population: I must be as mad as a cut snake.'
In point of fact, the charter process is designed to place institutions in an open, competitive market position, relying on their intuitive wits to anticipate change and reinvent themselves in a highly fickle student consumer market.
Mad Cow, Oil and Fickle Consumers: How Strange Events Shape Agriculture's Future