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It is the Judicial department in which questions of constitutionality, as well as of legality, generally find, their ultimate discussion and operative decision; and the public deference to and confidence in the judgment of the body are peculiarly inspired by the qualities implied in its members; by the gravity and deliberation of their proceedings; and by the advantage their plurality gives them over the unity of the Executive department, and their fewness over the multitudinous composition of the Legislative department.
But whatever the fewness of the visits, they established a strange affinity for fin de siecle imagery, themes, and tropes.
This is hardly surprising granted the fewness of the letters and the thoroughness of the work of Maraval.
and near it - the fewness - of things - fallen quiet.
The United Africa Company was excluded from Professor Fieldhouse's Unilever Overseas (1978) on grounds of its size, the fewness of its structural links with the rest of the Unilever concern, and an expectation that publication of Sir Fred Pedler's history would continue.
Of course, fewness of rivals could understate competitive pressures if entry beers are low.
10), but the claims of other speakers turn out to be similarly ironical: Kallias claims 'to make men better' - by giving them money; Kritoboulos boasts his good looks - largely because of the power they give him over others; Charmides admires 'poverty' - as a means of avoiding the impost of leitourgia; Antisthenes claims 'wealth' - in the fewness of his needs and the richness of his soul.
The alternative view would have been that if many passages of correspondence in the one novel argue for an early letter form their fewness in the other argues against it.
But they did not appear to notice us any more than the devotees in the church, but were seemingly as indifferent to fewness of spectators as the phenomena of nature are, whatever they might have been thinking under their helmets of the Yankees that were to come.