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has the fewest pedestrian fatalities (per 100,000 residents), 0.
See the accompanying chart for the top 15 pitchers who issued the fewest walks per nine innings, among all pitchers who have worked 2,000 or more innings since 1900.
Vermont is a high performer and requires only 700 hours, the fewest of any state, for its elementary students.
If not, the remaining candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated and their second preferences - or third preferences if they were the second choice of someone who voted for the first candidate to be eliminated - reallocated.
has published a report on mortgages in the UK that carry the fewest fees.
In 2009, the most recent available, six fatal work injuries were reported in New Hampshire, down from the seven fatalities reported in 2008 and the fewest reported in the Granite State since the BLS began trending the data in 1992.
Summary: Another massive TV audience witnessed the latest eviction from The X Factor as Rock singer Jamie Archer received fewest public votes.
If the season ended today, Oregon would have its worst batting average since 1988, its fewest hits and runs scored since 1993 and its fewest RBIs since 1995.
They were forced into a sing-off with Bristol outfit Girlband after winning the fewest votes from millions of viewers.
Although Hispanics ate the most fruits (37 percent) compared with blacks and whites, they ate the fewest vegetables, (about 20 percent).
Hawaiian Airlines led the industry in September with the best on-time performance, best baggage handling and fewest oversales, according to DOT statistics.
Bush, the fewest of any President since James Garfield.
Murphy has expanded its thermocouple line to meet customer requests for a line that would fit as many applications as possible with the fewest possible parts and fewest possible installation caused faults.
This is comparable to advertising; the best ones having the fewest words.