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There are more or fewer murders committed than murders
The county has 11,065 businesses employing fewer than 10 people, a rise of nearly 1,000 firms since 2010, and making up 84.
Many women have to move into low-paid part-time jobs, rather than working fewer or more flexible hours with their current employer, said the TUC.
Reports of robberies dropped by 14%, as did the number of incidents of violence against the person, which fell by 8%, with 1,484 fewer victims.
Since Ernesto Valverde became Villarreal's coach last summer, 11 of their 17 Primera Liga games have finished with fewer than 12.
There were 348 fewer domestic burglary reports - down 16.
Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than us.
This includes 116 fewer burglary victims, 407 fewer cars broken into or stolen, 329 fewer assault victims, 1,145 fewer criminal damage victims and 510 fewer other crimes.
John Pedersen of Union Network International Europe added: "Ten years of postal liberalisation in Europe has so far meant fewer post offices, fewer postal outlets, fewer mail boxes and longer distances to access the post - all contrary to EU promises.
Fewer mosquitoes biting people means fewer infections, fewer parasites regenerating and circulating in a given community, fewer cases of malaria to treat, which means stronger, healthier communities, and improved ability to get scarce new drugs to victims.
More responsible people, fewer angry men in positions of power
Fewer parts translated into fewer drawings, inspections as well as fabrication and assembly time, resulting in a cascade of cost reductions throughout the build process,'' according to a company fact sheet on the aircraft.
These physical enhancements lead to fewer web breaks, lower press picking, and better draw control.
About 5 years ago, conservationists noticed that females that they were feeding had far fewer female than male offspring.
Wall Street's reshuffling efforts of recent years--many sparked by charges that analysts were too beholden to their investment banking colleagues--have resulted in fewer analysts who are spread thinner, making small-company coverage even more elusive.