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Unlike other sites that force visitors to sort through dozens of search results, Trusted Few uses stringent business approval standards to limit each home service category's search results to three local businesses.
They've got a head coach down there," said Few, shortly before joining his team for practice on the Rose Garden floor.
Upstairs, many of the 30-story building's apartments offer views of Manhattan and also a new arena just a few blocks away that is being built for the New Jersey Devils NHL hockey team.
A flight on the vehicle would last just a few minutes and allow a brief period of weightlessness.
After walking for a few minutes Omar turns to Pixie and asks, "When you joined this band did you think you'd be doing stuff like this?
Take a few minutes to think about the areas of your dental office that should be wiped down regularly.
What's more, shells of material that surround some bona fide supernovas indicate that these once-massive stars ejected large amounts of material only a few thousand years before they exploded.
It is an easy river to float along on, it is quite shallow in some places, but it does have a few good swimming holes.
It only takes a few days of working there to start relating to inside cliques and scenes that are meaningless to almost any real constituency.
As companies dropped out of the nonstandard market, the remaining carriers raised rates and tightened underwriting standards, and nonstandard auto rebounded over the past few years.
Despite cheerleading by EMR vendors and a few EMR physician champions about the savings associated with adoption of EMR systems, the savings aren't instant.
To Ziska, the opportunity was obvious--a few major exhibits and a French play, each of which required months of wrangling with directors, art collectors, and international loan agents to stage, were coinciding, and during spring's tourist high-season to boot: This surely called for a French-themed fete.
A few hours after waiting through subsequent aftershocks, we helped hand out emergency blankets to our fellow evacuees.
This and a few other pairings really made the art go places it would not otherwise have gone, proving the validity of the curatorial gambit.