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feud (with someone) (over someone or something)

 and feud (with someone) about (someone or something)
to fight with someone over someone or something; to have an ongoing battle with someone about someone or something. Some of the neighbors are feuding with each other over the parking places on the street. Don't feud over her with me!
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Aiming for Certainty: The Kanun, Blood Feuds and the Ascertainment of Customary Law," The Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law 36(2): 1-14.
TMZ reported earlier Wednesday that Ross ended his beef with Drake as too much cash was involved as the feud continued.
A second feud, unconnected to Monday night's attack, centred on another area of the city, Little Hulton, has also broken out, with at least six shootings linked with that.
The Jirga settled a blood feud between the families of Aqal Zarin and Niaz Khan.
Zmora argues that the rise in feuds was in part an expression of the nobility's success.
Nebahat Akkoc, the president of the Diyarbakyr-based Women's Consultation and Solidarity Center (KAMER), told Today's Zaman that it was not usual for women and children to be the victims of blood feuds in Turkey while the victims of honor killings have always been women.
Such feuds in Mindanao, which the country's Muslim minority regard as their homeland, claimed more than 5,500 lives and displaced thousands between the 1930s to 2005, according to a study by the Asia Foundation.
The row is thought to be part of a continuing, long-running feud between the two Traveller families.
Tough measures should be taken against government officials who are caught facilitating these tribal feuds (removal from office or imprisonment would be included)
Hellman, author of several popular science books, reveals the details behind some of the greatest feuds in mathematics and the intrigue and betrayal that resulted.
In the immortal Bard's tragedy of that most famous of family feuds, ``Romeo and Juliet,'' the prince rightly lays blame at the feet of both families who created and escalated the animosity and inflamed the rest of the population to take bitterly opposing sides.
I have seen my fair share of Ayrshire family feuds and you need to stay out of this one or you will go to prison.
Family feuds extend well past immediate family members to the farthest reaches of the past in the Albanian culture, even when transplanted to another country.
Although the book opens in 1982, the backstory involves feuds that date to the 1950s and before.
Through the '40s and '50s, its glory days, the Family lived a rarefied, enclosed, incestuous life, publishing in such small-circulation journals as Dissent, Commentary and The New Leader in addition to Partisan Review and conducting a never-ending series of complicated feuds and love affairs.