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fetch and carry (for someone)

To perform menial tasks or errands at the behest of someone else. I thought the internship would teach me valuable skills in business, but all I did was fetch and carry for the office manager.
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dad fetch my buttons

Oh my goodness! An exclamation of surprise. Dad fetch my buttons, I didn't expect such an outpouring of support from y'all!
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Dad fetch my buttons!

Rur. What a surprise!; Goodness me! Dad fetch my buttons! It's a letter from Aunt Rita! Dad fetch my buttons, I never was so happy in all my life!
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fetch something in

to bring or pull something in. Would you please fetch some more firewood in? Can you fetch in the paper?
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fetch something out of something

 and fetch something out
to pull something out of something. Could you fetch me another hot dog out of the pot? I'll fetch out a hot dog for you.
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fetch up

Sl. to empty one's stomach; to vomit. I really felt like I was going to fetch up. Somebody fetched up in here and didn't clean it up.
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fetch up at

some place to reach a place; to end up at a place. We fetched up at Sam's house at about midnight. The car fetched up at the cabin and everyone got out.
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fetch and carry

Do errands and other menial tasks, as in She was hired as administrative assistant, but all she does is fetch and carry for the department's supervisor . This expression originally alluded to dogs that were taught to carry various objects for their masters. It has been applied to humans since the late 1700s.
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fetch and carry

go backwards and forwards bringing things to someone in a servile fashion.
This phrase was originally used to refer to a dog retrieving game that had been shot.
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fetch and ˈcarry (for somebody)

be always doing small jobs for somebody; act as if you were somebody’s servant: I hate having to fetch and carry for my husband all day. Why can’t he do more for himself?
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fetch up

1. To move fast enough to attain the same progress as another; catch up: They struggled to fetch up with the leader of the hike.
2. To make something equal or on a par with something else: You'd better fetch up your grades to the class average. Fetch your scores up to our median and you'll have a good chance for admission.
3. To bring something forth; to produce something: We fetched up a basketful of blueberries to make a pie. Please fetch some tomatoes up from the garden.
4. To reach a stopping place or goal; end up: I fell over my skis and fetched up in a heap on the snow.
5. To bring something to a halt; to stop something: Please fetch up the noise; I can't hear.
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fetch up

in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. I really felt like I was going to fetch up.
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Ten to 15 minutes of hard fetching isn't too much to expect once your' dog becomes accustomed to it.
Regardless of which venue you choose, keep your dog moving for the entire length of the fetching session.
Fetching Communications, founded in Tampa, FL in 2003, is a marketing communications company that focuses exclusively on veterinary, pet and animal-oriented products and services.
Simultaneously fetching from several threads, however, permits scaling the penalty of fetch hazards and achieving a higher instruction fetch rate.
We have performed exhaustive simulations with 3 to 8 simultaneous threads fetching instructions on all possible cache organizations, including asymmetric organizations (for example, three clusters of sizes 32K, 16K and 16K).
Consumers want intelligent robots that can function autonomously, whether for pure entertainment purposes or to perform useful tasks such as fetching a beer or even helping to carry the groceries.
A DOG came to his master's rescue after he fell off the roof - by fetching the phone for him to call 999.
Dame Barbara's 71cm-tall model, complete with her trademark Pekinese puppy, was the joint top-seller in the sell-off of Spitting Image lots at Sotheby's Olympia in London, fetching pounds 3,290 - nearly five times the sum she was expected to raise.
com in Universal City show Internet domain names that were fetching handsome prices at auction Friday.
Pacific Digital Corporation has introduced HTTP fetching for the Digi-Sign family of digital-signage products.
THE frocks are fetching and the designs are dazzling.
Fetching by Remote: A Survey of Video-on-Demand Users, a new report in Lyra Research's DTV View report series, reveals that digital video recorder (DVR) users watch more video-on-demand (VOD) programs than non-DVR users, and these findings held true for both free and paid VOD (see figure).
The increased cache ability reduces latency by fetching the certificate from the cache instead of the origin server, therefore taking less time for the client to get the certificate and display it.
The three independent execution units within the central processing unit (CPU) are an IEEE single extended precision arithmetic logic unit (ALU) for central math and logical processing, a program control unit (PCU) for fetching, decoding and dispatching instructions, and a dual address generation unit (AGU) that calculates addresses of data to be fetched from memory.
An important selectable feature is the SCRIPTS(TM) (the Symbios-developed SCSI programming language) pre-fetch architecture, which, when enabled, permits fetching four or eight double words of instruction or instruction operands.