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festoon (someone or something) with (something)

To decorate or embellish someone or something with a garland or similar item. I'd really love it if we could festoon the wedding venue with some gorgeous flowers.
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festoon someone or something with something

to drape or garland someone or something with something. Karen festooned her daughter with flowers for the party. The kids festooned the gymnasium with crepe paper and garlands of plastic flowers.
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I expected to see trailing gray strands festooning the "tenebrous boughs of the cypress," as Longfellow put it when he penned his epic poem about an Acadian woman searching for her betrothed along the bayous of the Atchafalaya.
Glatfelter is expanding its proprietary festooning capacity in Gatineau, Quebec to provide a sustainable competitive advantage to its customers.
Oerlikon Neumag will beat ITMA Stand A5--325 offering machinery for single technologies such as spunbond, meltblown, airlaid, carding, crosslapping, needlepunching and festooning. The company supplies complete spunbond, airlaid and carding production lines as well as the possibility of combining individual technologies for entering new markets and developing innovative nonwoven products and processes.
In April, Saurer took over festooning equipment supplier Kortec GmbH and last year the company purchased airlaid machinery specialist M&J Fibretech and Ason, Neumag, a supplier of turnkey machines in the spunbond segment.
Saurer has acquired a 100% stake in Kortec GmbH, a supplier of festooning machinery for the nonwovens industry.
Duni AB, has finalized plans to install festooning equipment in its Sakapafors plant in Sweden in response to current market demands.
Kortec's Festooning technology emerged out of the project management business and is today a dominant factor in the company's turnover.