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festoon (someone or something) with (something)

To decorate or embellish someone or something with a garland or similar item. I'd really love it if we could festoon the wedding venue with some gorgeous flowers.
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festoon someone or something with something

to drape or garland someone or something with something. Karen festooned her daughter with flowers for the party. The kids festooned the gymnasium with crepe paper and garlands of plastic flowers.
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Melbourne artist Danius Kesminas later bought the compacted car, festooned it with Hughes' work, titled it "Hughbris," and put it in a Perth show--Elvis Has Left the Building -- about modern myths.
Guests enter the "ACT Suite" through a "stage door" at the end of a corridor festooned with theatrical memorabilia; the "green room" (sitting room) provides a writing desk filled with scripts of ACT-produced plays; the "dressing room" (bathroom) abuts the "actor's wardrobe" (armoire); and the bedroom is--you guessed it-"center stage," where all the action takes place.
The house itself, refurbished last year to appear as it did when Shakespeare was a boy, will be festooned with holly, ivy and mistletoe.
Bystanders passed out gladiolas, which were soon festooned in soldiers' rucksacks, belts and battle dress uniforms.
Nearby is the famous Yovogi Park, where competing zoku (tribes) from spikily festooned punks to brilliantined Elvis impersonators preen and pose to the bemusement of passers by.
Speaking as the father of a 16-year-old girl whose bedroom is festooned with Philadelphia Flyers memorabilia, a girl who will move heaven and earth to see Eric Lindros and the Broad Street Bullies at Madison Square Garden, the Nassau Coliseum, and the First Union Center in Philadelphia, I realized that this Boy's World/Girl's World bifurcation was a tricky proposition and that toy makers and retail outlets alike had to be very careful not to alienate sensitive parents.
One version was gray and festooned with deep pink flowers (some sort of daisy, I think), as were the keyboard, speakers, and compact-disc case.
trellis festooned with ramblers she could not know an iron door would close
The school would have been housed in buildings at the church, a facility festooned with signs reading "Jesus Saves" and "Sinners Welcome Here."
Apparently envious of those rugged chaps and their cauliflower ears, he decided to go a little better and, in a move reminiscent of Royal Ascot, he festooned his lobes with a few carrots.
They spent lots of energy thinking up their "story of the day," but when emergencies intruded, such as the ill-considered trip to the Bitburg cemetery in Germany where SS graves festooned the landscape, they didn't know how to handle it.
Demand for festooned products has been increasing rapidly and adding a new line will position Glatfelter to better serve our growing global customer base."
The publicity for her new series sees her kitchen festooned with fairy lights.
Beyonce, pictured, has composed a song in praise of her chinchilla coat and top designer Julien MacDonald festooned his collection this year with fox and chinchilla.
Staff have festooned the department with the flag of St George, along with those from other participating countries.