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festoon (someone or something) with (something)

To decorate or embellish someone or something with a garland or similar item. I'd really love it if we could festoon the wedding venue with some gorgeous flowers.
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festoon someone or something with something

to drape or garland someone or something with something. Karen festooned her daughter with flowers for the party. The kids festooned the gymnasium with crepe paper and garlands of plastic flowers.
See also: festoon
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Festoon lights, PS31.99, Lights4fun.co.uk Chopping board, PS9.99, Very.co.uk Large white linen tablecloth, PS39.99, HomeSense Yarra PS16.9 Lights lantern, PS16.99 for 3, Lights4fun.co.uk PS26
Technoscreen machines can be equipped by the company with a cooling and antisticking agent supply line with a dryer tunnel and a festoon or a wheel enrolling system.
IF YOU haven't got room for a large plum tree, grow plums on a dwarfing rootstock and train them as a festoon.
I'M heading up North where WH Smith would have you believe from their adverts that all Geordies are lumpy football fans who festoon their houses with thousands of festive lights.
Led festoon fringe (according to technical specifications) 60 pcs.
There is no need to dig up miles of road for metal tracks nor to festoon the city centres with overhead wires.
Tenders are invited for Budgetary quote for procurement of festoon cable
The modular design with anti-tack dip tank, and carousel cooling and drying festoon rack, can be flexibly adapted to specific cooling requirements.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of festoon cable of rmqc-1 and 9 (one no.
The modular design with anti-tack dip tank, and carousel cooling and drying festoon rack can be flexibly adapted to specific cooling requirements.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement of festoon rollers for gantry cranes engine at icdtkd
To be precise, pounds 50,000 worth of lights (from a total stock of pounds 2.5m) will festoon exhibitions at the Kirkby and Huyton galleries.
Components such as hinged inlet conveyors, impression markers, splice presses, slitters, dip tanks, reservoirs, mix tanks, blow-off knives, festoon cooling sections, chillers, pick-offs, cut-off knives, straight line stackers, strip stackers, automated skid handling, access platforms and controls are all available as batch off retrofits.
Tenders are invited for Festooon System For Eot Cranes Capacity 20-03 Tonnes As Per Specification-1 Festoon System Single Track H42 X W 28 X 1.5 Thk Gp Coil 275Gsm 126Meters 2 Flat Cable Trolley 70/52Mm Crt10a H155 X W 80 Is 2062 70Nos 3 Track Coupler Crt03 H 60 X W 120 Gp Coil 275Gsm 20Nos Note-Total Three Items 01Set Sample Of All Three Items Of Festoon System Are Required Before Supply For Approval Make-Silverline/Conductix/Wampfler/Power Mesh
No doubt tonight's show will be its usual festoon of fun and frolics.