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ferry (someone) around

To drive people from place to place. Now that I have my license, my parents always want me to ferry my siblings around—it's so annoying.
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ferry across

To carry someone or something across a body of water on a ferryboat. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ferry" and "across." No, it's fine—there are boats that can ferry us across the river.
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ferry someone around

to transport people here and there in small groups. I really don't want to spend all my days ferrying children around. Why am I ferrying around a bunch of kids all day?
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ferry someone or something across something

 and ferry someone or something across
to transport someone or something across a river on a ferryboat. Can we get someone to ferry us across the lake to the island? After they ferried across all the cars, they closed the ferryboat down for the night.
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