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ferry across

To carry someone or something across a body of water on a ferryboat. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ferry" and "across." No, it's fine—there are boats that can ferry us across the river.
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ferry (someone) around

To drive people from place to place. Now that I have my license, my parents always want me to ferry my siblings around—it's so annoying.
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ferry someone around

to transport people here and there in small groups. I really don't want to spend all my days ferrying children around. Why am I ferrying around a bunch of kids all day?
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ferry someone or something across something

 and ferry someone or something across
to transport someone or something across a river on a ferryboat. Can we get someone to ferry us across the lake to the island? After they ferried across all the cars, they closed the ferryboat down for the night.
See also: across, ferry
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The ferry boats were designed with passenger storage space and bike racks.
Chen said the electric ferry is estimated to save about 65,000 liters of diesel and reduce 170,000 kilograms of carbon emissions a year.
a grey day but the Mersey Ferry still Dazzles on the river Picture: JASON ROBERTS
4 Ferry civilised: If you haven't been on board for a while, you''re in for a pleasant surprise.
Nexus, which owns and operates the Shields Ferry, is using Facebook as a fresh channel for communicating with customers.
What has the Shields Ferry meant to you over the years?
Through the setting up of the Varna Ferry company, the two shipping operators are in fact taking over the operation of the direct railway-ferry boat line between Bulgaria's Varna and Russia's Black Sea Port Kavkaz.
Despite the high-speed train link and Eurotunnel, more than 17m of us caught the ferry to France in 2007, and ferry passenger numbers rose by about 3% in 2007, the largest rise for a decade.
But that, the report concluded, was far less likely than what it judged to be the greatest risk to human life: an attack on a cruise ship or ferry.
The Beaux Art style Maritime building was designed by Walker and Morris in 1908, and is currently the only surviving ferry terminal of the many that lined the waterfront during that period.
Norwegian shipbuilder Aker Yards ASA said on Friday (23 December) that it had received a letter of intent for a ferry newbuilding contract from the French ferry operator Brittany Ferries.
He traces Ferry's unlikely path from working-class coal miner's son to Newcastle art school student to suave sophisticate, and tells the story of the creative and social friction between Ferry and keyboardist Brian Eno, which led to Eno's untimely departure from the group two years after its formation in 1971.
Ramus, a professor of biological oceanography at Duke University in Durham, have put together an innovative project called FerryMon to use that state's extensive coastal ferry system to actively monitor water quality in the rivers and open waters of the sound.