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ferry (someone) around

To drive people from place to place. Now that I have my license, my parents always want me to ferry my siblings around—it's so annoying.
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ferry across

To carry someone or something across a body of water on a ferryboat. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ferry" and "across." No, it's fine—there are boats that can ferry us across the river.
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ferry someone around

to transport people here and there in small groups. I really don't want to spend all my days ferrying children around. Why am I ferrying around a bunch of kids all day?
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ferry someone or something across something

 and ferry someone or something across
to transport someone or something across a river on a ferryboat. Can we get someone to ferry us across the lake to the island? After they ferried across all the cars, they closed the ferryboat down for the night.
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Ouko also questioned the deal KFS signed with a Turkish manufacturer in 2015 to supply two ferries - the MV Jambo and MV Safari - for Sh1.86 billion.
For passengers with valid tickets for Brittany Ferries, the company has announced an arrangement with P&O Ferries, and MyFerryLink, to accept the tickets for travel between Calais and Dover.
INFORMATION: All Sail and Drive members of the PSA are listed at www.sailanddrive.com, a one-stop-shop for ferry information; Condor Ferries (0845 609 1030 and www.condorferries.com); Isle of Man Steam Packet Co (0871 222 1333 and www.steampacket.com); Red Funnel (0844 844 9988 and www.redfunnel.co.uk); Wightlink (0871 376 1000 and www.wightlink.co.uk) Caledonian MacBrayne (08000 665 000 and www.calmac.co.uk); NorthLink Ferries (0845 6000 449 and www.northlinkferries.co.uk); Stena Line (0870 241 2417 and www.stenaline.co.uk); Wightlink (0871 376 0013 and www.wightlink.co.uk) PASSPORT
The claims came after a long-running dispute between Irish Ferries and the union Siptu, which saw the Ulysses stranded for 20 days in December last year.
Bornriz, which was contracted by Kenya Ferry Services to do consultancy work, wanted the court to stop the building of two new ferries.
class="MsoNormal1 YEAR OLD class="MsoNormalThe congestion affected commuters rushing to work, who forced their way into the three available ferries Mv Nyayo, Mv Harambee and Mv Kwale.
Lee said the EPA gave a subsidy of NT$100 million to Kaohsiung to build the electric ferries and the fast charging stations on the shore, adding that another electric ferry is scheduled to join the service at the end of this year.
Mr Rotheram said yesterday: "Ferries are such an important part of our identity.
Masirah, Feb 5 (ONA) The National Ferries Company received the two ferry boats Shanah and Jawharat Masirah, that will operate at Shannah and Masirah maritime route.
The Tyne has hosted a number of ferries from Ryton at the western border of Tyne & Wear to Tynemouth.
In 1929 questions were being asked as to whether a bridge over the Tyne would ever replace the ferries which ploughed between North and South Shields every day.
Norfolkline, which introduces the first of three new purpose-built ferries on its Dover Dunkirk service in October, has reintroduced its lead-in single fare of just pounds 19 on selected sailings for a car and up to nine passengers There are also three day return fares from pounds 44, five days from pounds 48.
In addition, the ferries will connect to locations throughout the five boroughs and New Jersey, including Brooklyn Army Terminal, Staten Island, Jersey City, Weehawken, Hoboken and Monmouth county.
The Jonathan Swift, which shuttles between Holyhead and Dublin, is one of just nine ferries given the 'very good' verdict in the survey of 34 vessels.