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chutney ferret

offensive slang A homosexual male. ("Chutney" is a slang term for sodomy.)
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ferret out

To discover or retrieve something, usually with careful effort. A noun or pronoun can be used between "ferret" and "out." Now that I'm a successful actress, I'm worried about what the media will ferret out about my tawdry past.
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ferret something out (from something)

Fig. to fetch something out from something. We will have to ferret the mouse out from behind the stove. We can ferret out the mouse with the aid of the cat.
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ferret something out (of someone or something)

 and ferret something out
Fig. to get, remove, or retrieve something from someone or something, usually with cunning and persistence. I tried very hard, but I couldn't ferret the information out of the clerk. I had to ferret out the answers one by one.
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ferret out

Uncover and bring to light by searching, as in Sandy was a superb reporter, tireless in ferreting out whatever facts were needed for her story . This expression alludes to hunting with ferrets, weasel-like animals formerly used to drive rabbits out of their burrows. [c. 1600]
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ferret out

To uncover or extract something by searching or questioning: The detective ferreted out the sequence of events by questioning all of the witnesses. We ferreted the truth out after we finished our investigation.
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"The number of small animals as pets is on the rise, yet ferret products seem to be overlooked in stores nowadays.
For example, the absence of commercially available uniform caging for ferret transmission experiments (a reflection of country- and institution-specific size regulations and facilities constraints) represents a parameter that would be difficult to standardize.
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The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) was used to assess antibody reactivity against purified ferret Ig and to determine the IgG subclass and concentration of the respective mAb.
The 16th RS (H) SP continued its ferret work until the Germans were evicted from the western Mediterranean in late summer of 1944; at that point, the squadron was ordered back to the US.
"They certainly weren't there for the ferret. I used to give money to the RSPCA, but not any more," she said.
The ferret was detained at Porth police station for a few hours before being bailed to a new home in the area.
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2002 at 1000 h BJM observed an encounter between a black-tailed prairie dog and an adult female black-footed ferret on the Main Locke prairie dog colony in UL Bend National Wildlife Refuge, Montana.
The pair - Lady Truffle and fiance Crusher Hoblet - have even been described as "the Wills and Kate of the ferret world".
RSPCA Bryn-Y-Maen Animal Centre is currently looking for homes for four neutered male ferrets, who came from the same owner.