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fender bender

A small car accident in which minimal damage is incurred. Michelle was a new driver so she was extremely upset when she had her first accident. Luckily, it was a fender bender and there was no real damage to either car involved.
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fender bender

Fig. a minor car accident. A small fender bender tied up traffic on the expressway for hours!
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1. n. a minor accident. (see also rear-ender.) There are a couple of fender-benders on the expressway this morning, so be careful.
2. n. a reckless driver (who causes minor accidents). I can’t get insurance on my seventeen-year-old, who is a hopeless fender-bender.
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fender bender

A minor collision of automobiles, resulting in minimal damage. Dating from the mid-1900s, the term owes its long life to its rhyme. For example, “I hope my insurance company isn’t going to charge me for that little fender bender; I barely scratched the other car and no one was hurt.”
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