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fend and prove

dated To argue and defend a point or opinion. I was forced to fend and prove my stance before the tribunal.
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fend away

To turn away or deny; to keep something at bay; to fight or ward off. The governor fended away questions about his role in the money laundering scandal. I fended away the blows of my attackers.
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fend for (oneself)

To look after or take care of oneself without assistance from anyone else. Moving to a new country for college really made me learn to fend for myself. I won't be home from work until about 9 o'clock, so you and your sister will have to fend for yourselves for dinner.
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fend off

1. To fight off someone or something that is advancing. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fend" and "off." How will we fend off all these attackers?
2. To try to prevent something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "fend" and "off." Getting a flu shot will help you to fend off future illness.
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fend for oneself Go to shift for

See also: fend, shift

fend someone or something off

to hold someone or something off; to fight someone or something off. We knew we could fend them off only a little while longer. They could not fend off the attackers.
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shift for oneself

 and fend for oneself
to get along by oneself; to support oneself. I'm sorry, I can't pay your rent anymore. You'll just have to shift for yourself. When I became twenty years old, I left home and began to fend for myself.
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shift for oneself

Also, fend for oneself. Provide for one's own needs, as in Don't worry about Anne; she's very good at shifting for herself, or The children had to fend for themselves after school. The first term, using shift in the now obsolete sense of "manage," was first recorded about 1513; the variant, using fend for in the sense of "look after," was first recorded in 1629.
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fend against

To protect from something: We wear heavy parkas to fend against the cold wind.
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fend for

To provide for, take care of, or defend someone without assistance: We watched the bear fending for her cubs as the hunters approached. I had to fend for myself when I arrived in Europe alone.
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fend off

1. To try to prevent something; avert something: To fend off cavities, brush your teeth regularly.
2. To turn something aside; repel something: The troops fended the enemy off. My neighbor fended off the reporters who blocked her driveway.
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Oakes' sending-off also promised to bea turningpointbut,withBaudetandKelvin Wilson superb at the heart of their defence, County fended off the aerial bombardment and 'keeper Saul Deeney was only twice extended in the final half hour.
Last year, Dime Bancorp of New York successfully fended off a hostile bid from smaller North Fork Bancorp.
The monkeys injected only with human cells fended off SIV infection because the cells caused them to make large amounts of antibodies that could also attack HIV, he speculates.
The financial results are reported prior to a one time charge of $220,000 for defense costs on a hostile takeover attempt, which was successfully fended off during the third quarter.
Fending off a possible upset, fifth-seeded Gustavo Kuerten fended off two set points in a second-set tiebreaker to beat USC product George Bastl 7-5, 7-6 (9-7).
In March 2000, she fended off two challengers and was re-elected to a second six-year term.
In the March 2000 election, Rogers fended off two challengers and was re-elected to a second six-year term on the bench.
Others honored Tuesday at the Porter Valley Country Club in Northridge were Alex Torres, a Canoga Park teen who fended off an attack on a Lanark Park program director inside her car; Giorgio Enjaian and Zara Sultanian, who chased and detained suspects in an apartment robbery in Glendale until police arrived, and Vladislav Kasurkin, who thwarted an attack on a Van Nuys restaurant owner by pushing the attacker away from the victim.
Protecting 250 people playing bingo at a Reseda hall, two guards fended off armed robbers by firing shots, police said Tuesday.
Medina, a former San Francisco supervisor, fended off car-pool lane complaints by noting that the federal government requires them on new highways, agreeing that more uniformity was needed on car-pool occupancy and lane hours.
Donald Thomas, 21, a former Oxnard resident who now lives in Washington, fended off questions by defense attorneys who maintain that he killed Ruth Avril, then ransacked her Oxnard apartment Dec.
A Lancaster man was hospitalized and is undergoing a mental evaluation after he broke a home window, jumped on a patrol car and fended off sheriff's deputies who tried to subdue him with pepper spray, a baton and a stun gun, officials said.