fence off

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fence someone or something off (from something)

to separate someone or something from something else with a fence or barrier. We fenced the children's play area off from the rest of the yard. Dave fenced off the play area. We fenced off the children from the rest of the yard.
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Mr Al Hattab said the ministry had agreed to fence off the protected areas with coloured buoys early next year.
Middlesbrough Council's chief executive Ian Parker said: "We do not routinely fence off our main roads to prevent pedestrian access, but we will always look to ensure roads can be crossed as safely as possible.
Do we fence off mountain areas because hikers might fall off precipices?
Director Dave Marshall said, "As a result of them returning, the club now feel obligated to fence off access to the area.
Angry residents and anglers have vowed to fight plans to fence off a picturesque lake they say has been open to the public for decades.
The city is spending about $20,000 to fence off the area and to install water fountains for both canines and people.
Given the limited potential of the new workforce training fund, the Office of Management and Budget should take the next step by requiring agencies to fence off more funding to train acquisition professionals.
A coroner yesterday urged parents of young children to fence off ponds and other water features after hearing how a 22-month-old boy drowned while playing in his back garden.
Fence off or move fresh air intake and return air vent to roof
Park Service will fence off sections of the Mall to reseed.