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"That means," he said, "that there's a Woozy inside that fence, and the Woozy must be a dangerous animal or they wouldn't tell people to beware of it."
When they got to the top of the fence they began to get down on the other side and soon were in the forest.
You see, Aunt Polly's awful particular about this fence -- right here on the street, you know -- but if it was the back fence I wouldn't mind and SHE wouldn't.
"Dog!" he hissed, and struck the master of fence a stinging blow across the face, and spat upon him.
He thought it annoying that in the darkness by the fence she had pretended there was nothing between them.
"Into the fence!--back into the fence!" I cried, and we sprang over the thorn-bushes where those with us were making ready their spears, trembling as they handled them with fear and the cold of the morning.
The scabs and their protectors, surrounded, backed against Saxon's fence, fought like cornered rats, but could not withstand the rush of a hundred men.
Russian thistles were blowing across the uplands and piling against the wire fences like barricades.
It's a belt forty feet wide, and goes around the outer fence -- distance between it and the fence one hundred yards -- kind of neutral ground that space is.
Three notice-boards, belonging to Dorking agents, lolled on her fence and announced the not surprising fact.
But the enemy were quick to gain the protec- tion of the wandering line of fence. They slid down behind it with remarkable celerity, and from this position they began briskly to slice up the blue men.
Dorothy helped him over the fence, and they started along the path of yellow brick for the Emerald City.
But I mean to stick to Wildfire: I shan't get a better at a fence in a hurry.
"As to whether you turn your back or not, I do not concern myself," replied the master of fence; "though it might be that your grave would be dug on the spot where you planted your foot the first time; I mean that you would be stretched dead there for despising skill with the sword."
In a quarter of a minute I was a kind of a hub of a wheel, as you may say -- spokes made out of dogs -- circle of fifteen of them packed together around me, with their necks and noses stretched up towards me, a-barking and howling; and more a-coming; you could see them sail- ing over fences and around corners from everywheres.