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During the past several years we have grown the distance running program significantly as many of the qualities from our core values of honor, courage and commitment are required to be a successful elite distance runner representing the Navy," said Felty.
Felty, The Last Flight of Helmet #285, unpublished article, Accession File, 2005-016-001, NMUSAF Collection Division.
According to Felty, "The number one goal of this upgrade was to provide ubiquitous broadband connectivity to all of our subscribers, no matter the remoteness of their location.
Felty said ``Lilies'' conveys a strong message of values that is often missing in modern American society and she has tried to promote that message.
The Felty twins: resident handicappers at Beulah Park
Sample 26, one of the two more mafic samples (with 7% MgO, Table 1), has a felty groundmass defined by randomly oriented feldspar microlites and laths and some epidote, phenocrysts of ferromagnesian minerals (pyroxene?
5 cm, irregularly rounded, orange-ochraceous brown ("ochraceous tawny" to "buckthorn brown;" 6C6, 5D6), often covered by a felty mycelial layer; stipe flesh off-white, felty to punky, somewhat watery brunnescent where bruised or cut, drying very light in weight, easily crushed, with evidence of dimidiate growth.
When you cannot clearly measure the outcome in a government contract," notes Dennis Felty, an expert on government outsourcing of social services, "you end up allowing the for-profit entity to define the product--and the level of profit it can take out--for itself.
At the exterior of the infected host plants the fungus sends out a downy or felty mass of hyphae, which is the downy mildew phase of the Phytophthora.
Felty, Ainsle, and Geib also discovered that 20% of students in their study (N = 378) had been sexually involved with another person when they really did not want to do so.
Mary Felty, of the Historic Route 66 Association, said: "The Route is loved around the world.
Adams has said that Klinghoffer is not a Verdistyle opera but a ceremonial work, rather like the Bach passions; indeed, the three characters played by Janice Felty, a very competent Sellars regular, are commentators on the action, as much as the Evangelist is in the St.
of completed papers (maximum 12 pages, double spaced) to Gayle Yaverbaum, c/o Felty and Company, 4211 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17109; (215) 787-8810, yaverbaum@tmplcis (Bitnet), yaverbaum%temple.
Despite warmer temperatures ahead of the snow, and more warm temps on the way, the weather event was not too unusual, according to Saline County meteorologist Tracy Felty.