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Collet has been needle felting for about two years and admits, "I've just gone nuts.
Needle felting is only limited by your imagination, so anything you can think of you can pretty much felt if you have enough time and energy to put toward it," says Theresa Bergman, co-owner with Sandra Lee of The Artist's Palette Studio.
Wet felting uses roving, but works by using warm, soapy water and a lot of elbow grease to mat the fibers.
By chance, a television show about felting caught her eye.
Bolton resident Lyn Slade had never even heard of felting until about six years ago when she was working at a quilt shop and the owner asked her to try it.
Unlike other textile arts, felting is pretty forgiving.
Leah Adams combines needle and wet felting in colorful geodes, and sells kits for them at her Etsy shop, kneek (short for "knitting geek"), or SpiderFelt.
Adams moved her art studio out of her Seattle home nine months ago, and just moved it again - to gain more felting space.
In the five years she's been felting, Adams has made her share of scarves so she's turning to larger, more time-consuming projects like wall hangings.
Low felting wool also produced a longer 'hauteur' (length) and less entanglement during scouring, and resulted in fewer breakages during spinning.
These studies demonstrate that differences between low and high felting wools are preserved through the wool processing chain,' Schlink says.
Schlink and Greeff are now investigating the underlying causes of felting, which is thought to be due to variations in the size, shape and/or structure of wool fibres.