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Attempting to remove wool at this point is futile because it has felted enough that it will be coming off in chunks, and it will probably be impossible to evenly distribute the remaining wool.
"I even needle felted the exact spots of April based on a picture of her," Collet says somewhat wistfully, adding, "I miss that giraffe!"
The two methods can be combined - a wet felted landscape is enhanced with needle felted mountains or animals, for example.
A felted scarf is another good beginner's project, says Rich.
Some examples: Trapezoid Bag, Bag of Many Pockets, Nuno Felt Wrap, Stained Glass Sweater Pillow, and Patchwork Felted Jacket.
The work involved a felted interpretation of the popular children's story The Hungry Caterpillar.
"The only real limitation to single shoes at this time is grades that require the sheet surface texture that has only been achievable with a single felted hard nip.