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Me old fella boy too much," the one-legged Methuselah quavered.
That fella dog he belong big white marster along schooner .
One fella dog stop 'm along you," the steward whispered up.
Masters, a Garda Siochana member, said: "In our job, we'd see a fella being punched on the side of the street and the next thing he is hospital with a brain clot or whatever.
A young fella came sprinting on and he got smoked by the security guard," said All Blacks centre Williams.
ARGYLE, Texas, March 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Fossil Gate Farms is proud to announce that legendary halter sire Mr Yella Fella will be inducted into the Palomino Horse Breeders of America Hall of Fame.
Dolly and Fella were taken in by volunteers at Huyton-based Liverpool Cat Welfare after suffering years of abuse and neglect.
These calls, you either get them right or you get them wrong judged on how the game goes eventually but I never, ever would claim to be the kind of fella who knows exactly what to do when I'm on the sideline - I don't.
Linda Vickerage found the maimed remains of her seven-year-old Welsh pony, Barney, on Thursday evening when she had gone to give him and her other pony, Fella, their evening feed.
PRICEWISE Tom Segal 1 Quinz 2 Oscar Time 3 Backstage 4 Big Fella Thanks TRADING POST James Pyman 1 Quinz 2 Oscar Time 3 Arbor Supreme 4 Big Fella Thanks RACING POST RATINGS Steve Mason 1 Silver By Nature 2 What A Friend 3 Arbor Supreme 4 Quinz BIG-RACE ANALYSIS Gerald Delamere 1 Arbor Supreme 2 The Midnight Club 3 Don't Push It 4 Comply Or Die SPOTLIGHT Richard Austen 1 Silver By Nature 2 Don't Push It 3 The Midnight Club 4 Niche Market Topspeed Dave Edwards 1 Silver By Nature 2 The Tother One 3 Niche Market 4 Piraya BIG-RACE TRENDS Craig Thake 1 Character Building 2 Oscar Time 3 Chief Dan George 4 Don't Push It IRISH VIEW Tony O'Hehir 1 In Compliance 2 Calgary Bay 3 Arbor Supreme 4 Vic Venturi
HEY Big Spender and Big Fella Thanks could both be Hennessy Gold Cup-bound after fighting out a thrilling finish to the Weatherbys Bank Graduation Chase at Carlisle, writes ASHLEY IVESON.
I NOW I've a reputation in Brum for being a big, butch uber macho sort of fella, but I have to admit I've been enjoying Birmingham's International Dance Festival.
Richard Fella thought his three-year warranty was invalid after being told his rusting brakes were caused by the bad weather.
Champion trainer Paul Nicholls saddles today's favourite Big Fella Thanks (7/1 at StanJames.
People up and down the country will be piling into their local bookies to have a bet this weekend and with housewives' favourite Ruby Walsh on board, it's difficult to see anything other than Big Fella Thanks going off favourite," said totesport spokesman George Primarolo.