fall within (something)

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fall within (something)

To fit within a certain range, category, or parameters. Do his test results fall within normal limits?
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fall within something

to belong to a specific category or classification. This falls within the realm of the medical profession. There's no more I can do for you. Does this fall within your area of expertise?
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fall within

To be within or to be classified as within a range, limit, or category: The number of storms this year fell within the normal range.
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References in classic literature ?
It launched a fresh Greek fire, which fell within twenty paces of the little canoe, and threw a light upon them as white as sunshine.
Instead, his heart fell within him when he saw the meat pie which was now in fair way to be devoured before his very eyes; for the friar lost no time in thrusting one hand deep into the pie, while he crossed himself with the other.
The quick travellers came up with the slow, and courteous salutations were exchanged; and one of the new comers, who was, in fact, a canon of Toledo and master of the others who accompanied him, observing the regular order of the procession, the cart, the officers, Sancho, Rocinante, the curate and the barber, and above all Don Quixote caged and confined, could not help asking what was the meaning of carrying the man in that fashion; though, from the badges of the officers, he already concluded that he must be some desperate highwayman or other malefactor whose punishment fell within the jurisdiction of the Holy Brotherhood.
The suit instituted by Seadrill Mobile Unit Nigeria Limited was to determine whether drilling operations fell within the definitions of 'Coastal Trade' and 'Cabotage' under the Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act, and whether on a proper interpretation of the Cabotage Act, drilling operations fell within the definition of 'vessels' under the Act.
The observation came when senior counsel Bhurhan Moazzam Malik drew the attention of a seven-judge SC bench headed by the chief justice to the travesty of circumstances where cases of terrorism were sent to the military courts, saying he did not see any ATC in Lahore hearing cases that strictly fell within the category of terrorism.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- An administrative court has issued a stay on a Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Agency (TAPDK) decision to ban the sale of alcohol in facilities surrounding Lake Eymir in Ankara which it claimed fell within the boundaries of a university campus.
The litigation involved policing in the extended footprint of land around the stadium which is not owned or leased by the club - who claimed this fell within the scope of a constable's normal common law obligations to maintain public order.
From 1974 the City of Cardiff fell within the County of South Glamorgan, while the Treforest institution fell within the administrative county of Mid-Glamorgan.
On this basis, the Commission concluded that the transaction fell within its jurisdiction.
dollar fell within the lower 107 yen level Friday morning in Tokyo as weak U.S.
Since clinicians didn't validate the diagnoses with detailed assessments, prevalence rates may have included people whose angry reactions fell within a normal range of responses to stressful situations, Regier notes.
It was hypothesized that teaching students new words at a ratio of 17% unknown to 83% known, which fell within Gickling's suggested 70% to 85% known ratio, would lead to the largest number of retained items and would also lead to the highest percentage of on-task behaviors.
Essentially what this means is that uses that formerly fell within the old broader Use Class A3 (food and drink) have overnight been re-classified into these new use classes.
Thirty-two of the informative sites (36%) fell within the NS5 coding portion of the sequence, and 57 (64%) fell within the 3'NCR.
COURT'S OPINION: The Court of Appeals of Michigan reversed the judgment of the lower court and remanded the case back to it for a determination as to which documents fell within the privilege.