fall outside (something)

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fall outside (something)

To not be included in some category, range, or scope. I'm sorry, but I can't speak on the matter—it falls outside my jurisdiction as a judge.
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fall outside something

to be beyond someone's power, responsibility, or jurisdiction. This matter falls outside my bailiwick. Her offense fell outside of the manager's jurisdiction.
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fall outside

To fail to be within or classified within some range, limit, or category: That behavior falls outside of what is allowed here. The proposed budget falls outside the guidelines.
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The guidelines from 2013 said screening people who fell outside these limits "should not be performed." In contrast, the new draft guidelines simply said that people fall outside of the age and smoking-history criteria but who are still considered high risk for lung cancer based on a risk-prediction calculator should not "routinely" undergo screening.
Carrie Underwood is feeling better after she fell outside her home, thanks to her husband, Mike Fisher.
He said the tournament started on April 30 and fell outside the ITC release period based on a FIVB regulation.
So watching catch-up television on BBC iPlayer fell outside the rules.
The victim tripped and fell outside a pharmacy on Botanic Avenue in South Belfast, with the metal post going through his chin.
At the same time, the Muslim holiday Eid fell outside of term time, which could account for a drop in absence for "religious observance" reasons, they said.
I WOULD like to thank the people who helped me when I fell outside the Hill Street Centre on the way to the bus on Wednesday, July 21.
David Raymond Davies, 61, died of a head injury the day after he fell outside a Lidl store on Anglesey.
A worrying 17 per cent fell outside the agreed margin of error.
"This particular initiative fell outside our boundaries and council was not comfortable making that kind of investment in a project outside city boundaries."
This initiative was prompted in part by the Downtown Alliance's interest in finding businesses or services that fell outside the traditional 9 a.m.
He started to run but fell outside the Greek Taverna restaurant.
The court addressed whether CSX'S payments fell outside the definition of "wages" for FICA purposes and the definition of "compensation" for RRTA purposes.
The mean adjusted detection threshold of SAD patients (-7.84) fell outside the published normal range for this type of test (-6.72 to -6.00) while the mean adjusted detection threshold of the controls (-6.23) was within normal range.