fall into (one's) lap

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fall into (one's) lap

To be received unexpectedly or without effort. I didn't steal the internship from you—it fell into my lap, I swear! Your aunt has decided to get a new car, so her old one might fall into your lap.
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fall into one's lap

Fig. [for something of great value or usefulness] to be given or granted to someone without having been requested. Some valuable antique jewelry just fell into his lap. His late mother had kept it hidden for years.
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fall into your lap


drop into your lap

If something good falls into your lap or drops into your lap, you get it without making any effort. Note: In the first four idioms, `lap' refers to the area at the top of your thighs when you are sitting down, where a child would sit. She doesn't really know what to do with the large cheques that regularly fall in to her lap. It would not be safe to assume that victory will drop into our lap at the next election.
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fall (or drop) into someone's lap

(of something pleasant or desirable) come someone's way without any effort having been made.
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drop/fall into somebody’s ˈlap

(informal) be obtained without any effort: A job’s not going to just fall in your lap, you know. You’ll have to go out and find one!
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According to Lancaster Police Chief Edwin Burgwinkel, this substantial arrest "fell into our laps'' after the LaSelle County States Attorney Felony Enforcement Unit, out of Illinois, intercepted a shipment of marijuana, then drove 17 hours to deliver the shipment, ending up on Schumacher Road, in Lancaster.
It just fell into our laps. He is only 21 and cost Liverpool PS2m.
"Very precise information fell into our laps, together with tangible proof of the cartel," the Commission explained, justifying its own-initiative investigation.
Arguably our best spy in the Soviet Union, Oleg Penkovsky, was a "walk-in." We didn't recruit him; he simply fell into our laps. Our general record of spying on the Soviet Union was unimpressive.
In October of that same year, a request for a proposal fell into our laps from the City of Tacoma.