fall (a)foul of (someone or something)

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fall (a)foul of (someone or something)

1. To become disliked or to come in conflict with someone or something due to one's actions, often resulting in further trouble or conflict. Since you're new here, be careful not to fall afoul of Bill—he'll keep you off of every case if he's mad at you. I fell foul of the committee, and now I'm not sure how to improve my reputation. Ted fell afoul of the law when he was still a kid, and he's been in and out of jail ever since.
2. obsolete In sailing, to strike the side of another ship. The two vessels, pitched and tossed as they were by the storm, fell foul of one another and sank into the cold Atlantic ocean.
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fall (a)foul of someone or something

 and run (a)foul of someone or something
to get into a situation where one is opposed to someone or something; to get into trouble with someone or something. Dan fell afoul of the law at an early age. I hope that you will avoid falling afoul of the district manager. She can be a formidable enemy. I hope I don't run afoul of your sister. She doesn't like me.
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fall foul of

come into conflict with and be undermined by.
2004 Sunday Business Post Australia's biggest wine-maker, Foster's Group, is the latest company to fall foul of the wine surplus, which is set to continue for at least two years.
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fall foul of ˈsb/ˈsth

do something which gets you into trouble with somebody/something: They fell foul of the law by not paying their taxes.Try not to fall foul of Mr. Jones. He can be very unpleasant.
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References in classic literature ?
And now I will tell how it came about that Robin Hood fell afoul of the law.
Nuri, now 62, was interior minister under both Presidents Rafsanjani and Khatami but fell afoul of conservatives for his outspokenness and was expelled from office by the Majlis.
His appointment to the head of the jury marks his rehabilitation in China after he fell afoul of authorities for his film "Seven Years in Tibet," about the Austrian adventurer Hein rich Harrer and the young Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual leader whom the Chinese government considers a dangerous separatist.
Likewise, the Holy Father maintained a cheerful demeanor when Foreign Minister Marcos Kyprianou fell afoul of protocol by kissing his hand, as one might kiss the hand of an Orthodox Priest.
Then Scruggs fell afoul of the law himself, eventually being convicted of attempting to bribe a Mississippi judge in a case over the distribution of attorneys' fees in previous settlements with State Farm.
After school officials informed Palmer of his offense, his parents gave him the John Edwards shirt to substitute for "San Diego." This too fell afoul of district policy.
While Apple's teams worked spectacularly well across divisions and platforms, the Sony project fell afoul of internal politics, soured relationships and a culture that rewarded competition among engineers, not collaboration.
He fell afoul of drugs, but while serving his prison sentence, he was given the opportunity to paint more than one hundred murals for the Department of Corrections.
Black females fell afoul of the criminal justice system because Philadelphia's prevailing racism precluded them from the benefits of full citizenship.
Moreover, some Sunnis in the government fell afoul of B'athists under Saddam and may not be eager to bring back members of the former dictatorship.
But he fell afoul of the regime in place under Porter Goss, George W.
Mendel and the whole theory of genetic inheritance fell afoul of the pseudoscientific theories of Trofim Lysenko, the minister of Soviet agriculture who had gained the backing of the scientifically naive Soviet bureaucracy.
According to Diamond, the Greenland Norse fell afoul of all five of his baleful factors.
On the analysis offered here, the Jews of Europe, and the Gypsies, and all who otherwise fell afoul of the Nazis, would morally have had the burden of determining (having 'very good grounds to believe') that killing German civilians would prevent or stop the genocide, before they could have done so.
The company fell afoul of the ABC when it moved production form Dallas to Fort Worth in May of this year, but continued to use labels that said the beer was made in Dallas.