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The hero fell on his knees, and propped himself with his hand resting on the ground till the darkness of night fell upon his eyes.
She found fierce Mars waiting on the left of the battle, with his spear and his two fleet steeds resting on a cloud; whereon she fell on her knees before her brother and implored him to let her have his horses.
It drove through his belt into the lower part of his belly, and his armour rang rattling round him as he fell heavily to the ground.
These, when they grew up, went to Ilius with the Argive fleet in the cause of Menelaus and Agamemnon sons of Atreus, and there they both of them fell. As two lions whom their dam has reared in the depths of some mountain forest to plunder homesteads and carry off sheep and cattle till they get killed by the hand of man, so were these two vanquished by Aeneas, and fell like high pine-trees to the ground.
He hit him with a stone upon the elbow, and the reins, enriched with white ivory, fell from his hands into the dust.
Ajax struck him in the belt; the spear pierced the lower part of his belly, and he fell heavily to the ground.
They threw at the same moment, and Sarpedon struck his foe in the middle of his throat; the spear went right through, and the darkness of death fell upon his eyes.
She became increasingly sedated over the next 3 days, and fell and fractured her hip on the fourth day of receiving her cold capsule along with both of her other drugs.
The index for transit equipment dropped 3.2 percent (mainly because of another sharp decline in motor vehicles), and the production of industrial and other equipment fell 0.5 percent (mainly because of a sharp drop in farm equipment).
The production of business equipment, which had increased about 1.7 percent over July and August, fell 0.6 percent.
The output of defense and space equipment fell 0.5 percent.
Among other consumer durables, the production of appliances and television sets increased, and the output of furniture and carpeting fell. The output of the nondurable component of consumer goods increased 0.3 percent; growth in residential sales by electric utilities and increases in the production of drugs and medicines and consumer paper products more than offset further decreases in the output of gasoline and distillate fuel oil.
Motor vehicle output, which fell off after having held steady in the first part of 1993, remained well above its year-ago level.
When analyzed by market group, the data show that the production of consumer goods fell 0.4 percent, reflecting sharp declines in utility output for residential use and motor vehicles.
The output of business equipment fell 0.7 percent in November, with the drop in motor vehicles and the strike-related decline in construction and mining equipment more than accounting for the loss.