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feeling OK

1. A phrase used to ask someone if they are feeling fine, especially when one suspects they may not be. I heard you were sick earlier this week—are you feeling OK now? Feeling OK today, Tim? You look a little under the weather.
2. Feeling fine. Yeah, I'm feeling OK, just tired.
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in fee

law (specifically of land) In absolute legal ownership or subjection. The courts have found that as the estate is in fee by Mrs. Williams, as arranged in the prenuptial agreement, Mr. Williams has no legal claim to the grounds or anything built thereon.
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no win, no fee

Used primarily by attorneys to indicate that a client will not have to pay a fee if they do not win their case. Our firm has a strict "no win, no fee" policy, so you can rest assured that you have nothing to lose in the pursuit of justice! A: "I can't afford a lawyer, though." B: "Hey, not a problem—no win, no fee."
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'The reciprocity fee will be required for all Nigerian citizens worldwide, regardless of where they are applying for a nonimmigrant visa to the United States.
* TD Ameritrade Launches Free Tool to Analyze Retirement Plan Fees
(2) What constraints are placed on performance fees to avoid inducing excessive risk-taking by the manager?
Palma also reasoned that because the insured had not actually expended any funds under a contingency fee agreement, and the dispute over the amount of fees to be awarded inured only to the benefit of the attorneys, awarding "fees for fees" was not contemplated by the statute.
Investment advice fees are subject to the 2% floor under regulations applicable to individual taxpayers; thus, the fees are a cost that individual taxpayers are capable of incurring.
Included in it was new IRC section 62(a)(20) which provides an above-the-line deduction for legal fees and court costs incurred in connection with discrimination awards.
SUBJECT: Award Fee Contracts (FAR 16, DFARS 215, DFARS 216)
Congress should require companies to drop this tactic unless a consumer specifically authorizes them do so in exchange for lower fees or better benefits.
By way of example, he cites Alaska, which he says put a $2.50 fee on new tire sales, all of which goes into the state's general fund.
Mutual fund companies use various names to share fees with other service providers, such as 12b-1s, shareholder service fees, sub-transfer agency fees, etc.
"These fees help make sure those benefits don't get lost." Janelle Urban, 13, agrees.
In October, TEI's Membership Committee recommended and the Board of Directors approved two changes to assist unemployed TEI members--extending the period during which an unemployed member may continue on the membership rolls and substantially lowering the conference fee charged its members in transition.
It ruled that the fact that the statute expressly prohibits a mortgage lender from imposing fees for payoff letters demanded in writing, does not grant license to impose unwarranted and unauthorized fees merely because the mortgagor happens to request the payoff documents by telephone.
A state prison inmate who brought a civil rights suit against a prison warden and correctional officers and was awarded $2.00 in nominal damages, in addition to declaratory and injunctive relief, sought attorney fees, costs and expenses.
The way the game was played out in Florida was this: The first "domino" was excessive litigation, often the result of the attorneys' fee provision, which led to settlements that carried enormous attorneys' fees no matter how small the settlement.