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a feen for (something)

Someone who has a frequent need or desire for something. ("Feen" comes from the word "fiend.") Get me away from the dessert table—you know I'm a feen for chocolate! I know you're a feen for fast food, but you should really have a salad every now and again. Before I got pregnant, I used to be a feen for sugar—now, I don't crave it at all.
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feen for something

in. to desire something habitually; to be a fiend for something. (From fiend, meaning addict, as in dope fiend.) Billy Bob’s feening for some grub.
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Among his famous songs are "Rayeh ala Feen'' (Where Are You Going), ''Tabat w Nabat'' (Happily Ever After), and ''El Fostan el Abyad'' (The White Dress) among others.
Falkowski, Sean Joseph Falvey, Jacob Feen, August H.
Perhaps the most appropriate musical venture is a joint production between Opera Leipzig and the Bayreuth Festival of the composer's first completed opera, Die Feen. To be staged by the Montreal-based director/design team of Renaud Doucet and Andre Barbe and premiered in February, Die Feen wasn't written in Leipzig and indeed wasn't performed in the poser's lifetime.
No, let's pass on to the overtures to Wagner's two earliest operas, Das Liebesverbot (based on Shakespeare's Measure for Measure) and Die Feen (based on a Gozzi story).
Mustafa claimed that Haifa had ruined the song "Baba Feen" (Where Is Daddy) when she filmed it with another song in the same clip.
To think about the "echoes" of Donizetti in Wagner's early works as a result of his transcribing La Favorite raises the problem that Die Feen and Das Liebesverbot were written before the German composer's unhappy exposure to La Favorite (forced by his efforts to avoid a debtor's prison).
The duo was offered Wagner's epic Der Ring des Nibelungen years ago, but turned it down because, says Doucet, "though I adore Wagner's music, I do not know it well enough2 But when Opera Leipzig approached them to stage Wagner's early Die Feen, with the Bayreuth Festival underwriting the project, they jumped at the opportunity It's to be fully staged in Leipzig next February, with a live transmission planned, then mounted again in concert in Bayreuth as part of the summer festival's celebration of the 200th anniversary of Wagner's birth.
Sayed Al Khatab who is the president of the Egyptian censorship had made a decision to forbid the new clip for the song "Baba Feen" (where Is Daddy) for the famous Lebanese superstar Haifa Wahbe
One of the company's triumphs was to stage the UK premiere of Wagner's first opera, Die Feen as recently as 1969, in a specially-commissioned translation which remains their copyright.
The first for the song "Baba Feen" (Where's Daddy) and the second is called "Lama Al Shams Trouh'" (When the Sun Goes Away).
This concert is repeated at Warwick Arts Centre tonight (8pm) with Wagner's overture Die Feen replacing the Schumann symphony (Box office: 024 7652 4524).