feeling okay

feeling OK

1. A phrase used to ask someone if they are feeling fine, especially when one suspects they may not be. I heard you were sick earlier this week—are you feeling OK now? Feeling OK today, Tim? You look a little under the weather.
2. Feeling fine. Yeah, I'm feeling OK, just tired.
See also: feeling, OK

(I'm) feeling okay.

I am doing well.; I am feeling well. Alice: How are you feeling? Jane: I'm feeling okay. John: How are things going? Fred: Feeling okay.
See also: feeling, okay
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I've lost almost two stones in weight and I'm feeling okay for that.
In the wake of namesake Everton winger Aaron Lennon being detained under the Mental Health Act, with his club saying he was suffering from a stress-related illness, the Hibs Turn to Page 44 From Back Page boss, speaking to mark Mental Health Awareness Week, said: "The job is difficult enough when you're feeling okay.
So feeling okay for you might even involve having to wear an ankle boot?
Maybe I'm just going to tell them that I'm not feeling okay which is somewhat the truth.
He added: "If I am feeling okay and doing the job that the manager wants me to do then we will see how things are at the end of next season.
There was never a guarantee and I ve had a long break now, but in practice I ve been feeling okay.
I am fine but I need to wait before I can play again because I am not allowed despite feeling okay," said Arteta, who had enjoyed a bright start to the season.
BOSSES of a publishing firm are trying to work out why no-one noticed that one of their employees had been sitting dead at his desk for FIVE DAYS before anyone asked if he was feeling okay.
It probably took us about 30 hours but I'm feeling okay," McIlroy said.
My fitness is good as my ankle, which I injured last year, has been feeling okay of late.
Wearing a back brace, he managed three more birdies, however, and added: 'I just hope I wake u p feeling okay
I think the club felt that December was the original time scale but things have been feeling okay and I am into the rehabilitation work.
If I'm not feeling okay, I'm prepared to miss Japan," said Agassi.
Nadal, whose sole Australian Open title to date came in 2009, said: "I am feeling okay, it was just not my day.