feel (one's) age

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feel (one's) age

To realize or be reminded that one is aging, usually because one is experiencing the negative effects of the aging process. My joints are so sore—I'm really feeling my age these days.
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feel your age

become aware that you are growing older and less energetic.
See also: age, feel

ˌfeel your ˈage

realize from your physical condition, opinion, views, etc. that you are getting old: He’s not as energetic as he used to be — beginning to feel his age, I suppose.Listening to this rap music really makes me feel my age.
See also: age, feel
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But, after a while, it is likely to make them feel their age more than ever as they try to keep up with a partner who is very much younger.
Some of the volunteers feel their age is now catching up with them.
The Dot Lester All Stars, a group of Billingham women who definitely didn't feel their age, gave him cuddles and a pounds 1,200 cheque.
Nearly two thirds (65 per cent) felt they looked younger than they were and 70 per cent do not feel their age.
But he revealed the real reason for his cameo appearances in the 'stiffs' is not to add to his scoring tally or make Mick McCarthy, Steve Coppell, Dave Jones and Kevin Blackwell feel their age.
Judge Martin Beddoe warned the men he did not feel their ages should mean a lighter sentence.